GBankClassic - Revived


Revival (new)

  • Data is now stored and exchanged in a way that allows support for connected realms
  • Any guild member where either the public note or the officer note contains "gbank" is now considered a guild bank (the search for a note containing "gbank" is case sensitive, it must be in lower case)
  • Libraries have been updated
  • Fixed commands: reset, help
  • Fixed issues with SetMinResize and SetMaxResize: now we have to use SetResizeBounds (fixed same issues with AceGui library)
  • Added new commands: share, hello, wipe
  • Added new addon communication for the new commands
  • Added timer for share guild bank data every 3 minutes
  • Fixed issues related to deprecated functions
  • Fixed issue where bags and bank bags weren't properly scanned
  • Added message for when guild bank data is getting shared and for when the sharing has been completed (done every 3 minutes, and can be triggered manually with /bank share command)
  • New command /bank roster to share roster data for players who are permitted to do so (guild banks or guild members that can read the officer note). This will allow for permitted users to broadcast an updated list of guild bank alts and avoid continuous sending and display of former guild bank alts.



  • Syncs with other guild members every 10 minutes
  • Search for items across all accounts
  • Scores donations from mailbox and displays overall leaderboard
  • Displays total/individual gold and inventory counts
  • Items are fully functional (Draggable, Linkable, & Dressable)
  • Can be opened with minimap icon or using /bank chat command
  • Can be force sync'd with /bank sync chat command


  • In the guild roster, modify the public or officer note of any guild bank alt to contain gbank (case sensitive, ensure it's all lower case)
  • Login to bank alt (or /reload) and enable scanning in options GBankClassic->Bank (open Options, go to AddOns, expand the GBankClassic - Revived section, click on the Bank submenu and enable reporting and scanning for the guild bank player)
  • Addon will now scan inventory every time you close your bag or bank


  • All credits go to the original developer: <Dominion> of Myzrael