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Raid Command

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Easily create, change, and save a unique raid Assignment for each separate raid encounter and communicate it via raid, whisper, or custom channel to your team. This addon is a direct expansion of the successful "Heal Command" addon.  It has been expanded to allow ANY sort of raid assignment.  You could be a raid leader looking to handle assignments for the entire raid (tank, healer, cc, etc.); a tank/healer lead, responsible for those assignment types; or a class lead responsible for only your class assignments (buffs, curses, cc, etc.).  Whatever your raid assignment needs, Raid Command is here to help. 


What's New  (Click here for full Changelog)

  • ToC version update for all current clients.


Open by clicking the minimap button, or with /raidcmd, /rc, or /assign



  • Set an assignment for each individual raid encounter. (Includes Raid and Boss listings for all versions of Classic and Retail WoW.)
  • Addon is client aware. Raid and Boss information will only show for those encounters available to your client (e.g., TBCC clients would only see Classic and TBC raids).
  • Addon is also instance aware.  It can set the Era and Raid dropdowns according to the instance you're in.
  • Support up to four assignments per character per encounter. These could be multiple phases, multiple responsibilities (Heal + Cleanse), or backup assignments.  Any column can be designated as a new phase by enabling phase support and giving it a name.  Broadcasts will correctly indicate phases, so one phase with four assignments, two phases with two assignments each, or four phases with one assignment each... all supported.
  • In addition to the assignments, each encounter allows a free-form note that can be used to give encounter-specific instructions, or generic assignments (such as, “Everyone /range 10”).
  • Assignments (including phase designators) and Broadcast note can be saved for each encounter!  This makes assigning in future raids a snap. Just make quick edits for any attendance changes, and go!
  • Assignments can be made outside of the raid prior to raid-time, and quickly edited once the raid is filled. (Some items will not work outside of a raid, however, such as auto-fill and broadcast.)
  • Auto-fill names of all characters in the raid (based on classes selected in the configuration menu). Names are compared to those already assigned, and missing characters can be auto-filled at any time.  No more struggling to figure out who is missing!
  • Exclusion list of character names allows addon to ignore characters of the selected class(es).  Useful for non-healers in healing classes, non-tanks in tank classes, etc. These names won’t be auto-filled, nor counted in the "number of eligible characters” report.  However, these names can still be manually assigned.  (Want your Boomkin to decurse for one fight?  Tank DC'd, so a DPS Warrior needs to step in?  No problem!)
  • Broadcast assignments to raid or custom channel, or whisper to individual players.
  • Allows auto-response of assignment whenever a player whispers to you, starting with “assign” or “repeat”. (For example, “Assignment” or “Repeat, please.” would both work.)
  • Drag and Drop reordering of character names.
  • Drag and Drop assignment for common assignments (Target Markers, Names on the MT list, etc.)
  • Class icons are displayed for characters in the raid, making it easy to spot assigned characters who are not in the raid.  You can also opt to highlight these names in red.
  • Standard WoW "Interface" menu allows several optional configuration settings.
  • DataBroker integration.



Raid Command Example


1.  Assignments can be saved per encounter (Raid+Boss).  Only raids available to your client are shown.  Once in an instance, you can use the "Set Current Instance" button to automatically set the Era and Raid to the instance you're in.

2.  This icon will take you to the configuration page.  Here, you can select which classes are assignable via AutoFill, as well as other configurable options.

3.  Here, you can make assignments for up to 25 characters in the raid (the field scrolls to save space). Class icons are shown for anyone in the raid.  Also, characters not in the raid or those listed in the exclusion list will be shown in red.  (So... red with class icon means in the raid and assigned, but in the exclusion list, while red without class icon means assigned but not in the raid)  Thus, you can quickly know who needs to be replaced or who may not be playing their normal spec.

4.  Up to four assignments per character can be split among up to four phases.  Check the box to include phases in the assignment broadcast.  Each of the column phase names can be customized or even left blank (which will indicate that this column is an additional assignment for the prior phase).  For example, you could name the 1st and 3rd column, which would give you two phases, each with up to two assignments.

5.  Broadcast notes are broadcast directly after the assignments. What’s more, if an unassigned character whispers you an assignment request, your reply will indicate that they aren’t specifically assigned, but will include this note. (in case of a generic assignment, such as "Everyone /range 10.").

6.  Auto Fill will automatically fill in any blank assignment fields with characters who are in the raid, but not directly assigned. If an assignment lists a character who is not in the raid, like Sallynoshow here, they'll be in red and their class icon will be missing.  The easiest way to replace them is to delete their names, and hit Auto Fill.  Those blanks will fill in with other characters in the raid.  You may then drag-and-drop the class icons to reorder them or change assignments, if necessary.

7.  This field is a list of names that the addon will not use for AutoFill.  Are you only responsible for healing assignments?  Then the names of boomkin druids, shadow priests, etc. would go here.  These names will be ignored by AutoFill and not counted in the “Number of eligible characters in raid” report you get in the chat log when you press AutoFill.  You may still manually assign a name listed here, and their assignment will be broadcast, but their names will show in red to indicate that they're not normally eligible for AutoFill.  This list may be space or comma separated (or both).

8.  These preset assignments may be may dragged into any assignment field. Names added to the Main Tank list in the raid will also be automatically added here.

9.  Not numbered here, but Any blank field may be typed in directly, as well as copy/paste. So, you can manually type in “Tank Heal” as was done here, and copy/paste that to additional fields.  Being able to type anything into these fields allows for very customizable assignments, phase titles, etc.  You can even make an assignment for "Group 1" if you want (although, since that's not a character in the raid, that field will show in red as an absent character.



If you find any bugs, or would like to request additional features, please comment.