Heal Command

54,081 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 12, 2022 Game Version: 9.2.5  


Easily create, change, and save a unique raid healing assignment for each separate raid encounter and communicate it via raid, whisper, or custom channel to your raid healing team.  (This addon is based on "Heal Officer Classic" by Tytus_ttv, which itself was based on "SurgeonGeneral" by Brimmstone.  However, this addon supports all versions of Retail and Classic WoW, fixes several outstanding bugs from the original, and adds several much-needed features.)


What's New  (Click here for full Changelog)

NOTICE:  Heal Command is being retired.  Its replacement, "Raid Command" has some exciting new features.  See https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/raid-command for more info.  (Please note:  Some of the new features make HealComm's data file incompatible with Raid Command.  The easiest way to transfer existing assignment data is to run both addons and cut/paste from one to the other.  I'm sorry, I know it's a hassle, but it only needs to be done once, and it'll be worth it, I promise.


Version 2.37
1. Include notice that Heal Command is being replaced by Raid Command.
2. Toc version update for Retail's 9.2.5 client.
3. Toc version update for Classic Era's 1.14.3 client.



Open by clicking the minimap button, or with /healcomm, /hc, or /heal



See Raid Command.


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