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Raid Assist is the former 'Iskar Assist', we've changed one word in the addon's name so we can use it for further boss tools without having to create a new addon every time.
So far, we have 16 raid tools, you can access it by using the command /raa.


Aura Check and Share: the raid leader can perform a check and see who is using weakauras 2 and also who has a specific aura.
The leader can also share the aura on the raid and see which player accepted it.

AddOns Check: the raid leader sets a list of mandatory addons and can perform a check to see who in the raid is using those addons.

Aura Bank: when you need an aura for a specific mechanic of a boss, you may try find here first.

Raid Groups: when the raid is killing trash for the next boss and the leader wants to set groups but can't because players are in combat.
This plugin creates a second raid roster when the leader can fully manage the raid and apply those changes when the raid is out of combat.
It also works as a restore point in case the leader wants to make many changes on the roster and set it back later.

Paste Text: in general, if you need to send text where the player can copy and paste.
For instance, URL of a youtube video, team speak server, etc.

Raid Schedule: set the raid schedule, once the addon knows when you raid, it auto capture attendance and can auto start invites.

Player Check: a common player check that tells spec, ping, item level, repair status, gem/enchant missing, talents.

Invites: handle invites, if the addon knows your raid schedule, you can set it to auto start invites 15 minutes before the raid starts.
This invite tool automatically keep inviting players every 1 minute for the set you've set.

Ready Check: a common ready check display, the only difference is it says who is offline, who clicked on NOT READY and who as actually AFK.
Cooldown Monitor: yet another cooldown monitor.
BattleRes Monitor: a common battleres monitor.
Raid Assignments: similar to other assignments tools, the only difference is the auto-complete for raid members name and also a table with boss skills to click-and-add to the text.

Loot (My Bis List): a place where you can build your desired item list.
Loot (Raid List): see the bis list set by other raid members. Useful for leaders to know who have loot in a specific boss.

Attendance: if the addon knows your raid schedule, it 'ticks' every minute during the raid period adding '1 point' for each player in the raid group.

Leader Toolbar: a.k.a. mark bar with raid target icons and ground marks. Also has a button which shows the 'Player Check' when hovered over.

Keybind and Shortcuts:

You may set a key bind to open the panel to access the plugin list or create a macro for the slash command /raa
The addon by default also creates a shortcut list for other raid assistant addons, making a cluster of options easing the use of all those tools available.