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Shows your current quest progress directly on unit nameplates, with the number of mobs you have left to kill or items to collect.


If you want to move or resize the icon, there are 5 settings that can be adjusted:

  1. AnchorPoint = 'RIGHT', -- Point of icon to anchor to nameplate (CENTER, LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM)
  2. RelativeTo = 'LEFT', -- Point of nameplate to anchor icon to (CENTER, LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM)
  3. OffsetX = 0, -- Horizontal offset for icon (from anchor point)
  4. OffsetY = 0, -- Vertical offset for icon
  5. IconScale = 1, -- Multiplier for icon size

To move the icon anchor from the left to the right side of the nameplate, you could type:

/run QuestPlateSettings.AnchorPoint = 'LEFT'; QuestPlateSettings.RelativeTo = 'RIGHT'

Followed by /reload to save and apply your changes.


To move the icon left or right, you can adjust the X offset by typing:

/run QuestPlateSettings.OffsetX = -10

Negative numbers move left, positive values move right. OffsetY controls the vertical offset.


If you want to reset your changes to the defaults, simply type:

/run QuestPlateSettings = nil

And then /reload your ui.