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Restores access to hidden interface options and provides a way to browse every CVar setting in the game!


  • Player Titles
  • Guild Names
  • Guild Titles
  • Stop Auto Attack
  • Attack on Assist
  • Cast action keybinds on key down
  • Fade Map when Moving
  • Secure Ability Toggle
  • Display Lua Errors
  • No Debuff Filter on Target
  • Reverse Cleanup Bags
  • Quest sorting mode (top vs proximity)
  • Select Action Cam mode


  • Remove Chat Hover Delay
  • Enable Mouse Wheel Scrolling

Floating Combat Text

  • Float mode (up/down/arc)
  • Energy Gains
  • Auras
  • Honor Gains
  • Reputation
  • Combo Points
  • Combat State (Entering/Leaving Combat)
  • Spell Mechanics
  • Healing
  • Absorb (Self and Target)
  • Directional Scale (brings back the classic, only upwards moving text)
  • Low HP/Mana  

Plus many other options available through the built-in CVar browser, including some that have never been exposed by Blizzard, such as "violence level" and "nameplate distance"!

  Type /aio for the main menu or /cvar to open the CVar browser directly