Qbrick's UI Tweeks

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A collection of functions to tweek  and enhance the UI  once intended for a bigger project  ( Qbrick's User Interface ), that never happened. 
Basically it does them small things that no other addon has provided to get the right Look 'n feel to my UI.

QuiTweeks just does stuff to the UI there are no fancy configuration options or anything, at least not at the moment.


This is what it does at the moment.


  • Square, clean and scalable minimap
  • Movable, and scaled world map
  • Removes chat frame tab textures
  • Format chat frame tab font, size and alignment.
  • Viewport adjustments  ( set to compress viewport up by '130' from the bottom )
  • Moves AlertFrame off center



Configurations menu or at leasts slash commands for easy use.   

For now the handy one can edit the init.lua file.