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"Quaking" is one of the most hated mythic affixes especially by spell casters, it periodically applies a debuff called "Quake" on every party members, explodes in a few seconds, causes damage and interrupts your casting spells (and silents the caster for 4 seconds if it does). So for a spell caster, when a Quake debuff appears while you are casting a spell, you must make an immediate decision: stop casting or keep casting? Mistakes on either way will cause significant loss of DPS/healing. 


The answer seems simple, if the Quake will explode before you finish your casting, you must stop, otherwise you can keep casting. But how do I know for sure in a overwhelmed situation? Well that's the job for the addon.


QuakeAssist helps you to handle the mythic affix "Quaking", it offers the following features:


  • Only activates if the current mythic contains affix "Quaking".
  • Displays a countdown bar for ETA of the next Quake.
  • Displays parallel countdown bars for the Quake debuff and your casting/channeling spells.
  • Alerts you to stop casting when the Quake is going to interrupt you spell.

Type "/qa" or "/quakeassist" to bring up the option frame. 


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