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 The addon is a comprehensive boss tactics guide for World of Warcraft raids and dungeons. It provides detailed strategies and tips for each boss encounter, helping players to understand mechanics, roles, and positioning.
The addon offers tactics for various difficulty levels, including normal, heroic, and mythic, ensuring that players are well-prepared for any challenge.
With an intuitive user interface, the addon enhances the gameplay experience and assists players in mastering boss encounters.


How to use PVEtactics?
1. Begin by installing the PVEtactics addon from a reliable source such as CurseForge.
2. Launch the WoW game and log in to your character (make sure PVEtactics addon is enabled).
3. (optional) Join a raid or dungeon group (by either forming your own group or using the group finder tool).
4. Select (target) the specific boss you will be facing.
5. Locate and click on the "Show Tactics" button within your interface.
6. Take the time to carefully read and understand the tactics provided for the selected boss encounter.
7. Share the tactics with your party or raid group.


Sharing the tactics ensures that everyone in your group is informed and prepared for the encounter ahead.
Remember, effective communication and knowledge-sharing are crucial for a successful raid or dungeon run in World of Warcraft.
By following these steps and sharing the tactics with your group, you enhance your chances of overcoming challenging encounters and achieving victory together.