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Please note that Puggle will be archived once TBC lands, and be replaced by the ingame group finder.

Puggle by Cixi@Remulos (Classic Oceanic)


Puggle is there to help you find a group, by showing you all the group request spammed into any of your active channels. The players will appear in the clean list sorted by dungeon, with their class and level displayed for convenience.  You can then directly contact any player via the whisper button and check if they are interested to join you.  The addon also lets you rate any player you have grouped with, and allows you to upload those ratings to http://warcraftratings.com/puggle/upload The website then shows you the consolidated ratings of players on their realms.


  • Copy the "Puggle" folder into your Wow Classic \Interface\AddOns\ folder
  • Restart World of Warcraft Classic


use the slash command /puggle or /pug or click the minimap button (click again to hide)


The addon continually checks the channels you have joined for any message that looks like a group request.  If it finds one, it matches it against any dungeon it recognizes and finds the class and level of the requester. The addon will then list all such players and their requests in its friendly interface and keep them there for 5 minutes. If a requester 'refreshes' his request (updated message for example) the timer is reset. 


Please refer to the release notes document in the zip for the past releases. - Automatic disable when in an instance - Tracking of requests coming through guild chat - A Blacklist is now available to disregard requests containing specific keywords.


There are some known issue we are working on: - A player in the group getting mind controlled might throw a lua error. - The addon currently only looks at players in your group. In a raid situation, the addon will not track any of the players in other groups.


The default release comes with search terms in English (LFG / Ragefire / Sunken etc) which works well for players on the US/UK client, but not so well for our friends in Germany, France, China or wherever English is not the preferred language. To help with that, the search patterns can now be updated directly inside the addon, by going to Settings > Customize Search Patterns Feel free to edit them to suit your needs


Join the Puggle discord server to have a say in the direction of the addon Submit bugs/suggestions/comments here: https://discord.gg/MpfDeBZ

May the Earth Mother protect you all.  https://warcraftratings.com


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