Priest Friend

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Uploaded Mar 6, 2015
Game Version 6.1.0
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10-25-14 Updated

7-4-14 Updated

9-15-12 Updated, and recoded everything to work properly with the MoP patch :-)

7-4-11 Finally got everything working with the newest version of the game! :-)

7-2-11 Working on getting the addon running with the current version of the game, some changes are needed :-P

8-13-10 Added ignore pets option and added renewed hope and power infusion for those disco priests :-)

7-07-10 Made it so it will not nag you to cast vampiric embrace if you are spec'd as discipline :-)

7-04-10 Got back all the options we lost recently. Also improved the layout because there were issues with certain resolutions which is now fixed. :-)

7-03-10 Finally got it to work so the rez sayings, etc, work when the person releases now too :-)

7-02-10 Ok, finally fixed everything I know of.... I fixed the messages, I added divine spirit and vampiric embrace. Please let me know if there's anything I missed. :-)

6-25-10 Just updated toc file to match current game version.


Fixed a error caused by a variable declaration accidentally getting commented out, hehe sorry about that :-P


Added "Only Nag While In Instances" checkbox Added "Disable All Nags" checkbox Added "Nag During Combat" checkbox Changed code so it's easier for Loxado to change the code to his language :-)


Changed it so it doesn't nag you to buff Treants or Spirit Wolves.

Fixed issue with Divine Spirit Nag bugging you for short lived pets.

Fixed issue with Priest friend turning most of your button text white.

None that I know of, please let me know if you find any :-)