Priest Friend

128,768 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 6, 2015 Game Version: 6.1.0

This addon helps priests manage their buffs, notifies them when their shackle breaks, reminds you to keep your inner fire up, helps manage their 3 min fear ward, and notifies you when someone gets a disease or magic debuff so you can dispell it. In addition it plays some funny sayings when you cast spells (but only if you want).

To configure PriestFriend just type /pf show

I hope you all like it, let me know if you have any suggestions :-)

Known Bugs

None that I know of, please let me know if you find any :-)

To be added

Nothing that I know of, let me know if you would like something added :-)

Also, if you like the addon and would like it developed further, please donate using the button up above :-)

If you have questions, or stuff that needs my attention, I'm not real good at checking this website, so just shoot me an email:

-Name: Bandayd
-Realm: Uther


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