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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2018 Game Version: 8.1.0


May 6, 2015

Owner: antr95

Hello Everyone! I got some very sad news, with the latest change to Premade Groups I can no longer obtain the name of the group so I can not match them with your keywords anymore. This makes me very sad of course but I am extremely appreciative of all the downloads and great feedback as well as all the nice comments here and in-game. I can not thank you guys enough really, this was my first public addon ever and I spent a lot of hours researching and developing this addon and I had a good time doing it. I have at several times tried to convince Blizzard to change their stance on this topic but until any changes are made I can not think of a way around this issue but I have my hopes for some day they will allow for automatic search again as that was the addon's prime function but nonetheless that I can get the name of the groups again.


I have been working on an addon that will alarm you and notify you about premade groups that are of your interest. I know some people here are looking for the rare mounts on Argus and it can be hard and frustrating to not know which rares are up at any given moment considering it is changing 4 times per day. Here is where the addon comes in. Now you can enter custom keywords such as "blistermaw is up" or "houndmaster" and with just the press of a button the addon will search through every single group and notify you if it has come up with any matches! It could also be that you want to do a world boss and once again just press a button and the addon will notify you and also sign you up if you wish. There are a lot of different applications for PGF!

Contact me in-game: Ant <Endless> on Kazzak for troubleshooting or questions


    Refreshes and searches through all premade groups after your personal keywords with just the press of a button Keeps track of which Argus rares you have killed Profiles, to quickly swap between keywords Sorts all groups by date rather than ID Minimap button with functions to open options, toggle enable/disable and load profiles Blacklist troll leaders or filter out keywords to avoid Once a group is found containing your keywords you will be notified in the following ways:
      Everything is customizable for your preferences. A raid warning sound will be played! You will automatically whisper yourself about the name of the group and what keyword was found! You will automatically whisper all your chosen friends about that a group that you are looking for has been found. It will also let them know about which keyword was found and the name of the group to notify them as well! You will automatically get the application dialog to the group or even groups if there are several! A movable text indicating a group has been found and informing you which one Your WoW-icon on the taskbar flashes
    PS. It will only notify you once per group that is found to avoid spam.

    Slash commands

      '/pgf' - Opens the options '/premadegroupfinder' - Opens the options '/premadefinder' - Opens the options '/pgf enable' - Enables the addon '/pgf disable' - Disables the addon '/pgf add/remove "keyword" - Adds or removes "keyword"

    Minimap functions

      Left click - Searches for groups Right click - Enables/disables the addon Shift-left click - Opens the options Shift-right click - Opens your current profiles


      Set up the addon with /pgf Open WoW's Premade Groups Select a category that suits your keywords the best ????? Sit back and relax PROFIT!

    Known bugs:

    Upcoming features

      Continued language support Search in multiple categories Option for advanced popup Something really cool!

    Special thanks to:

      hadEsFTW for designing the icon for the minimap button! All you awesome users, really appreciate your feedback and ideas <3


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