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Infinite Raid Tools





Lords of Dread Module:

Gives all players a button with a dreadlord icon during the Infiltration of Dread phase; target the player you see as a dreadlord and click the button. The addon will then use all of the input from the players and determine who are the dreadlords as soon as it has conclusive data and announce who the dreadlords are in raid warning and mark them with Skull and Cross. The players themselves will also start yelling I am a Dreadlord.


The Nine Module:

 Assigns healers to dispel Fragments of Destiny, always assigning them to themselves if possible. If the player is only nearby other players with Fragments of Destiny the healer will get a popup telling them to dispel. There is also an infobox that lets everyone know at anytime if players are safe or unsafe to dispel. Players will always be dispelled in the order that appears in the infobox prioritizing melee first then ranged and lastly healers. Config: The infobox can be moved and reset to default position in the general options.

Sylvanas Module:



Huntsman Altimor Module:

Summary: Evenly distributes players to soak Sinseeker. In this example amount of soakers is set to 4, 3 soakers + 1 debuffed player per line. Detailed: The debuffed player should always be the furthest player. Always using the first 4 players in group 2, 3 and 4 to soak and each player has a standard position. Abbrevations: G=Group P=Player index in group B=Backup
--------------G2P4B--G2P3--G2P2--G2P1--Star Debuff

BOSS------G3P4B--G3P3--G3P2--G3P1--Circle Debuff

--------------G4P4B--G4P3--G4P2--G4P1--Diamond Debuff
Because of the staggered application of debuffs might cause players to get reassigned in the case that one of the active soakers get debuffed. In the case of reassignment players will be prioritized closest to the boss to reduce distance. Config: The popup can be individually moved, resized and reset to default positions in the general options.

Hungering Destroyer Module:

Evenly distributes players to Star, Circle, Diamond and Triangle world marks, initially based of each players group and keeps players evenly distributed with 5 players per mark with 1 player affected by Gluttonous Miasma in each group. 2 players per mark will get assigned to soak 12 seconds of Gluttonous Miasma each from the player targeted with Gluttonous Miasma in their group and will yell their marker and informs them in which order they will soak. The other 2 players will soak the next person that gets affected by Gluttonous Miasma and gets assigned to their current group, except in the case that several players in the group gets affected by it, in which case groups will continue to dynamically update to always ensure an even distribution of players and guaranteeing that there is always 5 players per mark and 2 players that are ready to soak Gluttonous Miasma per mark. Everyone gets a popup instructing them where to go and whether to soak or not and when to soak. The player affected by Gluttonous Miasma and the players currently soaking will also yell their mark. Config: The popup can be individually moved, resized and reset to default position in the general options.

Lady Inerva Darkvein Module:

Marks players with Sins and Suffering pointing them to star, circle and diamond. Since the orbs spawns before the debuffs goes out the raid leader can use world marks to tell people where to go before the debuffs even goes out. The marks are prioritized based of raid index, group 1 player 1 is always going to get star for example if they get debuffed, group 1 player 2 will always get star unless player 1 got it etc etc. This makes it so that you can put melee in the lower raid indexes and always put star marker to the orb closest to the boss to reduce the distances that has to be walked.

The Council of Blood Module:

You get an infobox of all players affected by Dancing Fever and their amount of stacks and creates an order for players to jump with the healers put last. Config: The infobox can be moved and reset to default position in the general options.

Sludgefist Module:

Boulders spawn around the pillar that is destroyed by Hateful Gaze and you can predetermine marks for each of the corners i.e.Star=Back Right(SE), Circle=Back Left(SW), Diamond=Front Right(NE) and Triangle=Front Left(NW). The addon marks and assigns chain pairs to soak the boulders prioritizing tanks then healers then ranged. 1 chain pair gets assigned per mark and should soak the large boulder together to split the damage and afterwards soak one small boulder each. Players that gets assigned to soak will get a popup and start yelling their mark and what to soak when Sludgefist starts casting Hateful Gaze. The infobox used for Chain Link Range also shows information about the mark and what to soak as soon as chains goes out, giving players a lot of time to prepare for Hateful Gaze.

Chain Link Range: All players get an infobox that informs you if you are more than 8 yards apart or not from the player you are chained to just as a warning. Config: The infobox and the popup can be individually moved, resized and reset to default positions in the general options.

Stone Legion Generals Module:

Assigns and orders healers to dispel players with Heart Rend debuffs and ensures they do not get assigned to themselves to prevent them getting an extended duration. Once a healer has been dispelled, a countdown is shown to indicate when the next healer in the order can dispel to prevent overlapping debuffs. The healer also gets a popup when its their turn to dispel. Config: The infobox and the popup can be individually moved, resized and reset to default positions in the general options.



Consumable Check Module:

Consumable Check: Shows if the player has flask, weapon oil/sharpening stone, food and rune during the ready check. In addition classes that can buff can see if players are missing their buff. The top picture is taken from a mage point of view, other classes would see their buff or none if they do not have any. The bottom picture is taken from a paladin which can not buff and therefore no buffs are shown. Armor kit/weapon oil buttons: When ready check is initiated two buttons appears allowing you to apply an armor kit and weapon oil/stones on your gear in a single click. Appears when: a ready check is initiated or use /irtc. Disapears when: a ready check finishes, you type /irtc or middle click the button.


Interrupt Module:

Interrupt Module: Allows you to create interrupt orders then fill in the boss and the player ahead of you in interrupts. Once that player interrupts you get a popup informing you that you are next. You also get a text anchored to the nameplate showing you its your turn to interrupt and also shows that to everyone else in the raid. So if everyone in the interrupt order has the addon it becomes a real time interrupt order anchored to the nameplate. Usage: Put the name of the person who is before you on interrupts. Config: The popup can be individually moved, resized and reset to default positions in the general options.


Ready Check Module:

If you are in a raid and you are either AFK or decline a ready check you will get a button that will tell your raid mates that you are ready once you press it. The sender of the ready check gets a list of players not ready or AFK that updates in real time as players get ready and presses the new ready button.


NEW! Release Module:

Stops you from accidentally releasing inside of raids. Your release button will be hidden unless you hold down SHIFT.

Calendar Notifcation Module:

On login a voice reads "You have X amount of unanswered calendar invites" (only counting raid events). If you have no unanswered invites you get no notification.


Innervate Module:

Tells your druid that you need innervate with a popup on your druids screen!

/endlessinnervate PlayerName

You can customize the popup in the general settings.