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Plater F.A.Q. and Common Issues

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How to access Alpha or Beta versions of Plater? [-alpha -beta -test -version]

On Twitch App, right click Plater > Release Type > Alpha.

I don't see nameplates or they are very buggy after updating ElvUI. [-elvui -hide -bug -issue -update -after -visibility]

Check if ElvUI enabled their nameplates after the update going on /elvui > nameplates > check if the Enabled checkbox is active.

Why friendly player nameplates are very different inside dungeons and raids? [-friendlyplayer -player -raid -dungeon]

No nameplate addon can modify friendly nameplates inside dungeons and raids. So the nameplate shown is the default from Blizzard.

How do I change the friendly nameplate or friendly player name in dungeons and raids? [-dungeon -raid -friendly -name -playername -text]

Blizzard does not allow friendly nameplates to be changed while inside raids or dungeons.

No nameplate is shown for friendly players, only the name is visible. [-friendlyplayer -player -visibility -nonameplate -onlyname]

At the options panel, go into the Friendly Players tab and disable the option Show Only Player Name and Only Damaged Players.

I want nameplates above chat bubbles. [-chatbubbles -above -higher]

Enable the feature Parent to UIParent, this feature is on the Experimental or Levels tab.

I'm getting the error: attempt to call method 'SetUnit' (a nil value) [-elvui -addons -error]

Disable the ElvUI nameplates and check if there's any other nameplate addon enabled.

I'm getting the error: attempt to field 'UnitFrame' (a nil value) [-elvui -addons -error]

Disable the ElvUI nameplates and check if there's any other nameplate addon enabled.

All nameplates disappeared, none are shown [-disappear]

Press V.

Nameplates does show on my main character but not on my alt [-disappear -main -alt -nonameplates -hidded -notshown -visible -notvisible -hidden]

Press V.

I sent a script, mod or profile to a friend but some scripts are not working. [-fail -bug -notworking]

Different client languages can affect script functionality if you use Npc Names instead of NpcID to trigger a script or have npc names within the script code.

Where can I get profiles for Plater? [-profiles] then select Plater Nameplates and then Plater Profiles.

Take in mind when importing profiles it creates a new profile for you, your current profile keep intact in case you want to go back to it.

How to use the same profile on another character? [-profiles]

Login in the second character and /plater > Profiles > Open Profiles Settings > Select the profile you use on the main character.

How to change nameplate color? [-color -npccolor -changecolor -threat -mythic+ -dungeoncolor -raidcolor]

Use the Npc Colors tab to set different colors for npcs. You may get already customized colors at website (Plater > Plater Npc Colors).

Colors set on this tab override threat colors set in the Threat/Aggro tab.

What's an overlap or trigger overlap? [-trigger -overlap -triggeroverlap -scriptoverlap]

An overlap occurs when the same spell is being used on more than 1 script with the same type of trigger.

Example: 2 scripts with Aura trigger are triggering with the Warlock's "Unstable Affliction" spell, one of these scripts is changing the border color of the icon and the other script is changing the nameplate color, only one of these scripts will run and the Trigger Overlap button will show an indicator of how many scripts are having overlap issues.

How to hide the spell icon in the cast bar? [-icon -castbar -casticon]

Install this mod:

How to open Plater options panel? [-options -open]

In the chat, type /plater

If I change Plater settings on my alt, does it port to my main character? [-profile -alt -settings -port]

Yes if both characters has the same profile, take in mind some CVars are unique per character.

How to make Plater track my debuffs? [-track -aura -buff -debuff]

Make sure the option 'Show Auras Casted by You' is checked in the Buff Settings tab and 'Automatic' is selected in the Buff Tracking tab.

How do I change the distance of how far I can see nameplates? [-distance -view -far -howfar]

/plater > General Settings tab > adjust the View Distance.

View Distance is going back to 60 after a /reload or login my character. [-cvar -viewdistance -distance]

Probably is another addon doing this, you may test by disabling all other addons and leaving only Plater enabled and see if the setting get reset.

How do I adjust the vertical spacing between each nameplate? They are too close and can't see my dots [-tooclose -gap -distance -padding -vertical -space -between]

At the Advance tab, adjust the setting Space Between Nameplates.

How to animate the health bar? [-animation -smooth -health -transition]

/plater > advanced tab > enable "Smooth Health Transition".

How to increase the space/gap between each aura icon? [-aura -debuff -buff -space -between -distance -spacing]

In the modding tab, enable the mod "Aura Reorder [Plater]". On its constructor code, there's the line envTable.padding = 2, adjust it to a value you desire.

How to make the nameplate NOT show a debuff or buff? [-aura -buff -debuff -hide]

At the Buff Tracking tab, enter the spell name or ID into the Add Debuff to Blacklist or Add Buff to Blacklist.

How to make the nameplate show a specific buff or debuff? [-aura -buff -debuff -hide]

At the Buff Tracking tab, enter the spell name or ID into the Add Debuff to Tracklist or Add Buff to Tracklist.

Aura icons are blinking, they show and hide several times each second! [-auras -blink]

Some of your addons are hiding Blizzard Aura Icons, then Plater show them again when they get an update causing the blink issue.

Addons that might be hiding Blizzard auras in the nameplate: ElvUI, Nameplate Auras.

You need to go into these addons and disable the settings that hide Blizzard auras in the nameplate.

My auras look like this:  [-aura -buff -debuff -weirdborder -border]

It's masque, type /masque and select Plater Nameplates, then you can select a new border or check the disabled checkbox to not use any effect.

Can't see the texture circulating the aura icon which indicates the time left of the aura. [-aura -icon -buff -debuff -texture -swipetexture]

/plater > Buff Settings > Swipe Settings > change the Swipe Texture to Texture 1.

What's this border and how to remove it ? [-border -icon -castbar -castborder -spellborder]

The border represents a cast which cannot be interrupted, you may remove or change it with Mods, you can get mods at

How do I import a script or mod? [-script -import -mod]

In the scripting or modding tab, click the  button.

How do I import a profile? [-profile -import -string]

Access the options panel with /plater, go to Profiles tab and hit the Import Profile button.

When pasting the string your game may freeze for a few seconds, this is normal.

How to show an indicator for stealth detection units? [-stealth -detection]

There's a mod available on wago (working on BfA expansion):

How to change nameplate color of a specific unit? [-color -unit]

Use the Npc Colors tab.

If the npc you want isn't there, enter the dungeon or raid it is in and see the unit.

Can't find an option to disable or config the explosion affix animation [-mythic+ -explosion -affix -explosionaffix]

At the Scripting tab, select the Explosion Affix M+, there's a few settings in the constructor script, you may disable it unchecking its checkbox.

How do I know if the mob is an elite or rare mob? [-elite -indicators -star -rare]

There's a yellow star in the left of the nameplate of elites and a silver for rares. Also make sure these indicators are enabled at the options panel /plater > General Settings tab > Indicators section.

What's the difference between the Scripting and Modding tab? [-script -hook -difference]

Scripting run after for a specific Buff, Debuff, Name of an Unit or Name of a Spell Being cast.

Modding run on all nameplates depending on the event, e.g. the nameplate got added or removed from the screen, the nameplate received any update from Plater, etc.

How can I hide neutral Units? [-neutral -hide -units]

At the Modding at, search for 'Hide Neutral Units [Plater]' and enable it.

Also there's more mods available for neutral units at

How do I make the icon for a debuff dot to glow when it's close to finish? [-debuffs -dots -timeleft -expiring]

At the Scripting tab, search for 'Blink by Time Left [Plater]', duplicate this script to make a copy for you, rename as you want and mark the checkbox to enable it.


How to adjust the border of the nameplate? [-border]

/plater > General Settings tab > Border.

How do I disable OmniCC in the Plater debuff icons? [-omnicc -auras -debuffs -icons]

To make it automatically, at the Buff Settings tab, enable the option Hide OmniCC Timer.

If  you prefer to handle OmniCC rule groups by your self, these are the names you need to add:

PlaterMainAuraIcon and PlaterSecondaryAuraIcon.

How do I show the class resources like soul shards for warlocks in the target nameplate? [-resources -shards -combopoints]

Enable Show Resources on Target at the options panel > General Settings.


How to move the resource bar like the soul shards for warlocks? [-resources -combopoints -shards]

/plater > Personal Bar tab > Resources > adjust the offset options.

How do I remove the resources from the Personal Bar? I don't want it showing anywhere. [-resource -hide -hideresource]

At the Personal Bar tab, set the Resource > Alpha to zero.

No resources are shown in the personal bar or on my target nameplate. [-resources -combopoints -shards]

See if the Personal Bar and Show Resources on Target are enabled in the General Settings Tab.

Under Personal Bar tab, check the resources section there for Alpha and Scale settings, they might be off.

Make sure other addons aren't hiding them as well, addons like ElvUI are known to hide blizzard resources to show their own implementation.

How to I move or adjust the position of resources like combo points above the nameplate? [-resources -combopoints -combo points]

/plater > Personal Bar tab > Resources > adjust the resource scale and offset options.

If you're using the combo point mod from the Modding tab, click the "Constructor" hook and see the options in the code.

How can I change the appearance of my resources? I want other texture for my soul shards. [-resources -appearance -texture]

As Plater uses the default resources indicators from Blizzard, any other addon that changes the appearance of the default resources indicator from Blizzard will do the job.

You may also search for some weakauras for resource indicators, there's a lot of them.

How to limit the unit name size to not be bigger than the nameplate width? [-width -name -enemyname -size -unitname -shorter -smaller]

In the anchor setting of the unit name, set it to be anchored at center inside the name, this makes Plater to want to cut the text to fit inside the nameplate, then move the anchor offset Y to move the text to a place where you want.

How to blacklist an aura on the Special Aura frame? [-special -aura -blacklist]

You can't, special auras only show what you tell Plater to show there, you may disable at the Special Buffs tab the option 'Crowd Control' which is enabled by default. 

How to hide Friendly or Enemies cast bar? [-castbar -friendly -enemy]

At the advanced tab, there's two options to fully hide castbars for enemies or friendly units.

How to change the settings of the Details! Integration Texts? [-details]

Those options are controlled by Details!, use /details > Plater Nameplates.

How to change the execute range? [-executerange -range -execution]

At the General Settings tab you can disable or enabled the execute range indicator. On Advanced tab there's an option to show an extra glow to it.

You may also go into the Modding tab and enable the Execute Range [Plater] mod to customize even more.

How to use two executes ranges? One from 100-90% and another from 20-0%. [-executerange -range -execution]

Use this mod: 

Execute range is disabled but I still see the indicator on nameplates. [-executerange -range -execution]

Go into the Modding tab and check if there's a execute mod enabled. Many mods create their own textures or ignore Plater settings.

When I do damage to a enemy the nameplate bounces, how to disable? [-animation -bounce -damage -vibrates]

You can disable animations at the animation tab.

How to offset up and down the clickable area? [-offset -clickarea -clickablearea -areasize]

The area which accepts clicks is controlled by the game it self and we cannot offset it, but you may increase its size in the Advanced tab.

Clicking on a player nameplate isn't selecting it. [-clicking -select -passthrough]

At the Friendly Player tab, deselect the option 'Click Through'.

As a druid, how do I know if my Treants has aggro on a unit? [-force -nature -treants]

Enable the mod Attacking Specific Unit [Plater].

How to change the color of the current target? [-target -color]

In the Modding tab enable Current Target Color [Plater], customize the color on its constructor hook.

How to make the current target be full opaque and all other nameplates which isn't my current target be half transparent? [-target -transparency -alpha -nontarget]

At the Modding tab, enable the mod 'No Target Alpha [Plater]'.

How to add more target indicators, like arrows pointing which nameplate is my target? [-target -indicator -arrows -currenttarget]

More target indicators can be added using scripts, try this:, there's more at

Any way to change all Fonts at the same time? [-change -font -allfonts]

Run this mod, the font to use is in the constructor:

How to increase the font size of the options panel? [-fontsize -textsize -options -optionsscale -scale -size]

At the top left corner of the option window within the title bar, there's a scale slider.

How to grow a second line of Auras? [-row -auras -lines -secondline]

Using grow direction to left or right will automatically use a second row, if you want customization, to go Modding tab and enable the mod Aura Reorder [Plater].

How to hide enemy cast bars? [-cast -hide -enemy -enemies]

Use the macro:

/run Plater.db.profile.hide_enemy_castbars = true


How to show incoming heal prediction bar? [-incoming -heal -incoming heal -incomingheal -predictionbar]

/plater > Advanced tab > check the option Show Health Prediction/Absorption

How to show the amount of shields the unit has? [-incoming -shield -shield amount -shieldamount -shieldbar]

/plater > Advanced tab > check the option Show Shield Prediction

How to show an indicator to indicate an enemy player healer? [-healer -enemyplayer -player -indicators]

Get this mod from

Units are going off screen! [-out -off -screen -clamp - inset -outscreen -outofscreen]

At the Advanced tab, increase the value of the option Lock to Screen (Top Side). 

At the Target tab mark the option Target Always on the Screen.

Increase the Target Behind You Distance to 50.

My nameplates are going outside the screen even with the option to stick them within the screen. [-screenlock -lock -out -off -screen -clamp - inset -outscreen -outofscreen]

Use this macro (copy and paste it into the chat and press enter):

/run SetCVar('nameplateOtherTopInset','0.065');SetCVar ('nameplateLargeTopInset', '0.065');SetCVar ('nameplateTargetRadialPosition', '1'); SetCVar ('nameplateTargetBehindMaxDistance', '50');

Why the friendly player nameplate sometimes is shown and sometimes only the player name is there? [-friendlyplayer -healthbar -notshown] 

Under the Friendly Plater tab, unselect 'Only Damaged Players'.

How to show the max health amount? [-health -maxhealth -healthtext]

You can customize the health text using mods, there's on available here:

How to disable the range check? [-range -alpha -distance -los -lineofsigth]

/plater > General Settngs tab > disable Use Range Check

Is there a way to use a specific number for range check instead of using a spell? [-rangecheck -checkrange -specificrange]

That's not possible, the game require us to pass a spell for the client to do the range calculation. You may use the View Distance option in the General Tab which has distance in yards.

On my Deamon Hunter all nameplates are faded out. [-deamonhunter -vengeance -los -alpha -transparent]

On vengeance deamon hunters there's an issue with the range check sometimes not accepting the spell selected for the range check. You can either disable the range check or select another spell.

How to change the nameplate size for Pets and minor units? [-pets -minor -minus -size -width -height]

/plater > Advanced tab > Special Units section.

How to remove the paw icon in the left of the nameplate? [-pets -pawn -icon -indicator -hideindicator]

/plater > General Settings tab > disable Pet under the indicators section.

How to not show nameplate for enemy pets? [-pets -showpets -nopets -dontshowpets -don'tshowpets -hidepets]

/plater > Advanced > disable Show Enemy Pets.

How to sort my debuffs above the nameplate? [-sort -alphabetically -priority -aura - debuffs -buffs]

Enable the Aura Reorder [Plater] mod in the Modding tab and follow the instructions in the code of the Constructor hook.

I deleted a default script from Plater, how do I restore it? or How to I restore a default script to default? [-script -restore -reimport] 

You can either create a new profile, export the script to string and swap back to the old profile and import the script you exported.

Also, all default scripts are stored inside the file Plater_ScriptLibrary.lua in the Plater install folder, you may search the script name there and copy the string to import.

How to stack auras with the same icon like bolstering or unstable affliction? [-bolstering -unstable -stack -consolidade -together]

Go into the Modding tab and enable the "Aura Reorder" mod. You have now some more advanced settings and stacking similar auras are one of them, it is enabled by default on this mod.

As the mod also adjust anchors, you may want to adjust the "Aura Frame 1" offsets in the Buff Settings tab.

What's the different between No Aggro and No Tank Aggro? [-tank -aggro -notankaggro -no tank aggro -no aggro]

No Aggro: the mob isn't attacking you and might be safe with the tank.

No Tank Aggro: the mob isn't attacking you and isn't targeting a tank.

Friendly Npcs sometimes show the health bar and sometimes not, what's causing it? [-npc -healthbar -show -visible]

Most likely is the quest color which forces the nameplate to show the health bar, see the Use Quest Color option in the Friendly Npc tab.

How to add pixel perfect border on cast bars? [-castbar -border]

Get this mod from

You may change the color and thickness in the constructor code.

How to show enemy nameplates when I'm not targeting them? [-show -enemy -targeting -all]

Open the game interface menu pressing ESC > Interface, go into the Names section and enable the option Always Show Nameplates.

How do I make a buff or debuff icon glow? [-aura -icon -glow -buff -debuff]

At the Scripting tab, select Aura - Debuff Alert or Aura - Buff Alert and the spell name in the Add Trigger field.

How do I show a second line of auras but only to show buffs there? [-buff -aura -newline -row -buffrow -anchor]

At Buff Settings tab, enable the Aura Frame 2. When this option is enabled, Plater will automatically place debuffs in the Aura Frame 1 and buffs in the Aura Frame 2.

How to remove or move the star icon shown in the left side of the nameplate? [-icon -star -indicator]

/plater > General Settings > Indicators.

The yellow star is 'Elite Icon', the silver star is 'Rare Icon'.

Where can I make the spell icon smaller? [-icon -spellcast -casticon -size -width -height]

By default the icon follow the castbar size, you may use mods to customize it, you can find mods for Plater here:

What is the Scripts Only check box in the Npc Colors tab? [-scriptsonly -only -scripts only]

If the Scripts Only check box is enabled for an npc, Plater won't change the npc color automatically, instead scripts can access the color calling Plater.GetNpcColor(unitFrame).

How to show friendly player titles? [-friendlyplayer -titles]

Plater does not show player titles in the nameplate.

How to add a border around my current target? [-target -border]

Get this mod from

How to change the position of raid markers? [-mark -raidmark -targetmark -skull]

On the Target tab, look at the Raid Mark section, adjust the Anchor and XY Offsets.

How to add an indicator telling the mob is an objective of a quest? [-quest -indicator -exclamation]

Mobs which belongs to a quest you're currently doing have their healthbar color changed to orange. You also may install this mod: to add an extra exclamation mark on them.

Neutral units change color when I'm in combat with them, why? [-neutral -aggro -color -threat]

It is the color by threat, as the unit is attacking you, Plater automatically changes its health bar color.

You may disable this behavior at the Threat/Aggro tab by unchecking "Health bar Color" in the Threat Modifiers.

When something is CC'd (crowd controlled), a second icon is appearing on the right hand side of their nameplate, what option is that so i can turn it off? [-cc -crowdcontrol -icon -aura -debuff -buff -special -rightside]

Those icons are called Buff Special, you can manage them at the Buff Special tab in the options panel. To stop showing crowd control icons there, disable the option 'Crowd Control' in the Buff Special tab.

Nameplate are flickering/shaking up and down. [-shake -shaking -up -down -flickering -moving]

In the advanced tab, adjust the movement speed to 0.05.



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