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Luacheck Release PhenomRaidTools on Discord



If you want to access the addon just use /prt or the minimap icon in game and the addon will open. If you seek help visit the discord server and feel free to ask for help :)


PhenomRaidTools is an addon to use next to the usual raid utility addons like WeakAuras2, DeadlyBossMods, and BigWigs. With PhenomRaidTools you'll be able to configure your own timers, rotations and other triggers to show messages on the screen. You can choose when and how the messages should be displayed as well as who in the raid team should see the messages.


For a brief introduction into the addon please read: PhenomRaidTools Beginner Guide

Sender & Receiver

PhenomRaidTools supports two run modes. Sender mode and receiver mode. As sender all your configured triggers which send messages which will be executed and send messages through an addon channel. Every player who matches your configured targets within messages will get a message displayed. As receiver you'll only get messages displayed when you are a valid message target of the received messages. You can alos filter messages so you won't get spammed.


There are four different types of triggers which will send the configured messages based on different condition which all can be configured.


You can configure your own timers for a fight. Those can be used for e.g. healing cooldowns or strategic positioning. You can setup a start condition for when the timer should start counting and a stop condition which can be used for restarting timers. This can be useful if you have a timer for an encounter phase which repeats itself.


Rotations have a trigger condition for when to count up. Everytime the trigger condition is met a certain action will be executed if there is one for the given index. Like for timers you can configure start and stop conditions. This can be helpful if you only want a rotation to count in a certain phase or to restart it on certain events.

Health Percentage

With health percentages you can query specific units for their health value and check if it less, equal or greater than a configured value and send messages based on this condition.

Power Percentage

Same as health percentage but with power values.

Spell Database

The spell database is an easy way to search for a specific spell in game by its name without having to browse the web. You have to explicitly activate the spell database since it will build up in the background and might take a while. It is processed in a very CPU saving way and will stop once you start combat. So you shouldn't be able to notice any performance issues with the spell database activated.

ExRT Note Export

You can export Timers into a ExRT note. This will generate a nicely formatted note based on your Timers. Please note that this will only work for messages with type cooldown since the note is presented in a certain way and can be used for e.g. heal cooldown assignments.



You can find the API documentation at API



Just install the addon through the Twitch desktop app or any other third party app for managing your addons


  • Download the latest release of the addon: Releases
  • Unpack the zip folder
  • Copy the folder PhenomRaidTools to your World of Warcraft addon folder path\to\World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns


I have set up a discord server up and running for every kind of question. Feel free to enter and ask what you have trouble with. Discord


If you like the addon and want to support it's development you can simply do so with one of the following

  • Leave feedback, suggestions or bug reports
  • Star the project on github
  • Post your encounter strings in discord so others can profit
  • If you really have too much money and want to support me just donate any amount you feel comfortable with on https://streamlabs.com/phenomgamestv/tip

Thank you very much.