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Provides tweaks to the newly introduced Blizzard HUD in Dragonflight:

  • Out of combat fading for action bars / frames
  • Rested area fading for action bars / frames
  • In combat fading for action bars / frames
  • Action bar padding below blizzard minimum of 2
  • Hide unused actionbar 1 buttons
  • Repositioning / Scaling of class resources and totem bar (For example combo points, arcane charges etc.)
  • Small quality of life improvements

For more details see Features.


Open the options via the in game options menu or by typing /bht or /blizzhudtweaks and navigate through the options. Make sure you expand the options, since each "module" is in its own sub category.

Chat commands

  • Toggle minimap icon: /bht minimap


Mouseover Fade (action bars, frames)

You can fade out most of the actions bars and frames for different scenarios. You can set different alpha values for In Combat, Out of Combat, and In Resting Area. You also can set the options globally and use them for each action bar/frame.

Configuration options

  • Allow mouseover in combat
  • Fade Duration
  • In Combat Fade
  • Out of Combat Fade
  • Fade based on health percentage
  • Instanced Area fade
  • Rested Area Fade
  • Set options globally or for each frame
  • Treat targeting as in combat fade
  • Be able to link frames together for fading

The priority of the checks is as follows

  1. In Combat Fade
  2. Has Target Fade (which uses the In Combat Fade values)
  3. Health percentage
  4. Instanced Area fade
  5. Rested Area Fade
  6. Out Of Combat Fade

Supported action bars and frames

  • Action Bar 1-8
  • Player Frame
  • Target Frame
  • Focus Frame
  • Buff Frame
  • Debuff Frame
  • Pet Frame
  • Pet Action Bar
  • Stance Bar
  • Micro Button and Bags Bar
  • Objective Tracker Frame
  • Extra Action Button / Zone Ability Frame
  • Minimap
  • Status Tracking Bar (Rep. & Exp.)
  • Player Casting Bar Frame
  • LFG Eye
  • Durability Frame
  • Vehicle Seat Frame


  • Overwrite your characters name
  • Hide Player level
  • Hide Target level
  • Hide Player name
  • Hide Target name
  • Overwrite Player/Target Health/Mana font size
  • Overwrite actionbar padding (-4 to +16)
  • Hide Actionbar1 unused buttons

Class Resource

You can

  • Scale the class resources
  • Change position based on Player Frame (Left, Right, Top, Bottom)
  • Hide the class resource

You also can change the settings for the Totem Frame.


Even though the add-on has to check more or less in a set interval, it is very performant. It only uses memory if there are fades being performed and checks in a smart way if there is something to render. If you have any trouble, you can manually set the interval which is used for the fading checks.



If you have any question and want fast answers, please check the Discord. I made it for another add-on, but there is a sub category to ask your questions. The link should already point to the corresponding channel.


Frame not showing even though it should

Please ensure you have enabled the wanted option for the given action bar or frame. Also, make sure you haven't set the Bar Visible option in the Blizzard Edit Mode to something else than Always visible

  • If set to Out of Combat you might be missing the frame or can't mouseover it since the blizzard option overwrites everything else

Frame fading out when fade delay is set

Usually this only happens when you mouseover a frame. Mouseover overwrites the fade animation, which has a set delay and will not maintain the delay after you leave the frame.

Fading is setup but nothing happens

Make sure you have Enabled the fading for the given frame

I have setup the position of class resources but it won't move

Make sure you have set atleast the anchor and either xOffset or yOffset since any combination is needed to actually move the resource frame.

Known Issues

  • When reloading the UI while having a target the alpha will only applied once the target changes
  • When using Minimap fading the textures do not get loaded by blizzard for indoors maps
  • When moving an ability when in combat, the actionbar padding will not be applied since it would use protected functions while in combat


If you'd like to support me just leave a star on Github :)