PhantomPlates is a minimalistic NamePlate addon that aims to retain the look of the Default UI while adding useful features.

  • Status text showing current HP
  • Nameplate desaturation for rare mobs
  • Elite (and Rare-Elite) NamePlates now borrow some of the TargetFrame's draconic design
  • Shows a personal NamePlate below your character when hurt or in combat
  • Threat glow indicators
  • Buff and CC tracking
  • Power Bars



  • The game identifies many normal elites as rares. I don't plan on modifying this behavior in any way.



  • enUS - Native locale by SDPhantom
  • frFR - Translation by Arektor
  • deDE - Translation by val1n
  • zhCN - Translation by 颜颜@莫格莱尼

If you wish to help localize PhantomPlates, send me a link to a modified Localization.lua.



I'm open to questions and suggestions. Feel free to message me here or post in the comments.

I'm also available for support on the WoWUIDev Discord, @mention me (SDPhantom) or send a DM.