This addon brings back the Need-Greed loot system and makes it work for Personal Loot. The goal is to make asking for, giving away and trading loot easy and straightforward, in PUGs as well as organized guild groups. Everything is designed to be as streamlined and out of your way as possible, so you can focus on playing the game instead of manually checking and keeping track of items you and others want.


Dragonflight update

Personal loot works like normal in Dragonflight, but group loot (need before greed) has some caveats for now. The addon is disabled  in raid instances with group loot if you are not using the masterlooting feature. With masterlooting enabled you'll get another set of roll-frames after people rolled once and got their loot, so it works just like personal loot from that point. I have plans to combine both roll phases into one (so you only have to roll once)  and apply your custom item filter rules (e.g. pawn) in group loot. It'll take some experimentation with the new system to figure things out, so stay tuned. ;)



Roll on tradable personal loot from others

Whenever an item drops for someone in your group that might be an upgrade for you, you will get a good old Need-Greed-Pass roll window (remember those? :P) to decide if you want it or not. Rolling "Need" or "Greed" will add the item to your actions list (see below) for easy asking and trading, and optionally automatically send a whisper message to the owner asking for the item. If the owner uses PLR or another compatible addon as well, then all this happens in the background without need for whisper messages.


Give away loot you don't need and/or handle incoming requests

You also get a similar Keep-Greed-GiveAway roll window when you loot something that your party members might be interested in. If you choose "Greed" or "Give Away", then PLR offers the item to your group through party chat and handles accepting bids, picking a winner and trading the item for you. If you choose "Keep" on the other hand, then it'll automatically answer incoming whisper requests with "I need that myself".


Keep track of pending actions, and easily complete them

All your pending actions (asking for loot, trading, ...) will be shown in a simple list on screen, along with buttons for completing them. Trading in particular will start following the person, open the trade window once in range and automatically put the item into the trade window, so all that's left for you to do is hit "Accept".


Only bothers you when it actually makes sense

PLR is especially smart when it comes to choosing the right items for you. Many factors are checked before you are asked to roll on or give away an item, e.g. if it is actually tradable, what ilvl you and your party members have equipped, class restrictions, trinket type, and so on. It will only ask you to decide when it actually makes sense, while making sure you don't miss any loot you might be interested in.

Also works for organized groups and masterlooters (Dragonflight update TBD)

It works great for randomly giving away loot in PUGs and organized groups, but it also has a masterloot mode where one person decides who should get which item. The masterlooter can also configure things like custom answers and a loot council. 

Can be configured to your liking

Just about everything can be easily tweaked in the options menu. This includes when to send messages to other players and their wording, what items should be considered "useful" (e.g. only certain specs or transmog missing) and which parts of the UI you want to see. See this Wiki page for details.

Plays well with other addons

This includes the popular loot roll addon Personal Loot Helper, Pawn to only roll on stuff that actually has your preferred stats, and EPGP to give away loot based on PR value or credit GP for awarded items.

More details can be found here.



Use /plr or /PersoLootRoll to open the rolls overview window, manually start rolling for items in your bag etc.

  • /plr: Open rolls window
  • /plr help: Print this help message
  • /plr roll [item]* (<owner> <timeout>): Start a roll manually for one or more item(s)
  • /plr bid [item] (<owner> <bid>): Bid for an item from another player
  • /plr trade: Trade with the given player or your current target
  • /plr test: Start a test roll (only you will see it)
  • /plr options: Open options window
  • /plr config: Change settings through the command line
  • /plr log: Show log

Development commands:

  • /plr debug: Toggle debug mode
  • /plr trinkets: Generate and show a new list of trinkets
  • /plr instances: Generate and show a new list of instances


Legend: [..] = item link, * = one or more times, (..) = optional 



PLR is translated (incl. chat messages) to

If you want to help translate it to your language or correct translation errors you found then please visit the Curseforge Translation section and also check out this wiki page for some tips.



This project is fully open-source and the source code can be found on GitLab. To test out new features there are also beta versions available. Please report any bugs you find with these versions should you be brave enough to install them, so the stable releases will be as bug-free as possible. I'm also very open for Merge/Pull requests if you want to add a feature or fix a bug yourself!


Please create a new entry on the issue tracker if you encounter any bugs, or just post them here in the comments. Also, in order to better identify the problem please type in /plr log right after the bug happend, and add the result to your issue/post.


Let me know in the comments if you have a request or feature suggestion. You can also vote on existing suggestions here.


Click on the "Donate" button if you want to support the development of this addon or just buy me a beer. Always appreciated, never required!




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