Last Updated: Sep 3, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Aug 30, 2017

Owner: BujuArena

This tiny addon hooks PlaySound, running any working PlaySound call and preventing any broken PlaySound call from breaking the game and telling you the line of code in your broken addon so you can go comment it out (with "--" at the beginning of the line) or fix it (with "SOUNDKIT.THE_CORRECT_SOUND"). 

Thanks to some cool code by Erorus, it also attempts to convert the old string format to the new format and play the sound anyway if the conversion exists. 

Thanks to some amazing code by Jan Teriete, the conversion from the old string format to the new format is even more resilient and intuitive. 

Warning: This addon may cause taint issues due to hooking a function used by Blizzard code, so you may need to disable it for certain tasks.  For example, in-game toys can't be used from the toy interface while this addon is loaded because PlaySound is called inside protected toy interface functions.  This addon's main purpose is to help addon authors and players find and fix their PlaySound calls.  Once all these calls are found and fixed, this addon should be disabled to prevent tainting certain code paths.


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