Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text

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Gives the feeling of the default floating combat text, but superpowered! See a GFY here.

  • Truncate large numbers with postfix letter (126,307 -> 126k)
  • Quickly identify what spell did the damage with spell icons
  • Color damage numbers by damage type/school
  • Small damage is smaller, crits are larger
  • All configurable through in-game options menu

Proudly open-source under the MIT License. My code is your code.



Q: Can you add healing?
A: Healing will not be included, friendly nameplates are protected in Dungeons and Raids and therefore it would not be possible (or easy) to make it happen.


Q: Will you add a filter to ignore certain abilities and spells?
A: It's in now!


Classic Notes:
Nameplate Range: Restricted by Blizzard, sorry.