475,342 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 13, 2019 Game Version: 8.0.1

Welcome (Back) To DynamicCam!

DynamicCam automates camera transitions (and settings) between the many different 'situations' that your character can find themselves in. Using the new ActionCam settings reintroduced in 7.1, experience the game in a new way!



  • Zoom in when indoors
  • Zoom out while mounted
  • Zoom in and rotate while teleporting/hearthing (and hide the UI!)
  • Set your zoom to a particular value while fishing



Check Out The Classic Project!


After quite a bit of work with Curseforge Support we finally have the Project live. You should be able to download this just as easily as any other mod now from the Twitch App.



World Questing on a Prot Warrior (early version)

Getting Support

Post a comment here or PM me on Reddit, I'm /u/mpstark


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