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About DynamicCam:

DynamicCam automates camera transitions (and settings) between the many different 'situations' that your character can find themselves in.
Using the new ActionCam settings reintroduced in 7.1, experience the game in a new way! E.g.:

  • Zoom slow or fast depending on mouse wheel speed.
  • Use custom situations to automatically zoom in/out when indoors/outdoors.
  • Use custom situations to rotate the camera while teleporting.
  • Use predefined view during NPC interaction.
  • A camera over shoulder offset makes your character animations look more interesting.
  • Focus the camera on enemies or NPCs during interaction.





An older video demonstrating the action cam during combat:



Check out this video by Kranken Latte for an explanation of the options:

Kraken Latte's UI - Part 1: Small Addons


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