Mythic Helper

146,132 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 15, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.2

This addon adds a Timer for Mythic+ Dungeons right below the Objective Tracker Main Timer indicating the key level upgrade, and the number of Items along with the Item Level of the dungeon rewards.


I Didn't want to restyle the whole ObjectiveTracker for Mythic+ dungeons, and I didn't find any good addon to get the chests timers right, so I decided to create this addon.


This addon shows a timer below the main dungeon timer with how many levels your keystone is going to upgrade by the end of the run, and the Best Loot that will come from the highest chest available at that timer, as well as the number of Items in the loot chest.


Also, you can see the Affixes descriptions and Minimum Loot level on the Keystone tooltip. 

No configuration needed. Just install the addon, and you'll get the timers and a chat command /mythic.


You can use /mythic chat command to see the list of Keystone level prizes for dungeon and weekly chest.

/mythic <levelnumber> show the prizes specific for that level.


You can also use the slash command /affixes to check the affixes for current and future weeks as well as their difficulty levels.



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