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(previously known as MySpeed)

A minimal LDB plugin for displaying your speed.

Requires a data broker display like chocolate bar, bazooka, ninjapanel, stat block, titan panel, docking station and more.

- left click open PaperDoll
- right click open World Map


- it can pin and announces in map your location.
- it can pin and announces in map your target location with name and % of health remaining.

You can remove the pin on the map with a right-click on the LDB.


If you have anything to ask / comment / request please use:

If you don't see the icon please clean up your WoW cache folder.


If you are interested in helping translating please provide the following entries:

L["DataBroker Info"] 		= ""


Example in Italian:

L["DataBroker Info"] = "Informazioni DataBroker"