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A minimal LDB plugin for displaying your m+ score and runs.

Requires a data broker display like chocolate bar, bazooka, ninjapanel, stat block, titan panel,
docking station and more.
You can show keys or score in LDB using the right mouse button.

- It shows the m+ score on players tooltip
- It shows in chat a link to your actual keystone
- It can auto-inserts the keystone without have to search it in bags
- it shows a Great Vault preview (if not actual try reload)

If you don't see the icon please clean up your WoW cache folder.


If you have something to ask / comment / request please use:


If you are interested in helping translating, please visit forum:

providing the following entries:

L["JADE"] = ""
L["GROUND"] = ""
L["HoV"] = ""
L["COURT"] = ""
L["ALGE"] = ""
L["RUBY"] = ""
L["AZURE"] = ""
L["NOKH"] = ""

L["set to show keys"] = ""
L["set to show score"] = ""


Full LOCALE support on:
- enUS
- itIT. Thanks to Pugnoferreo.
- zhTW. Thanks to BNS.