My Very Own Doomguy

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Do you love Doom? Do you want another way to rep your favourite game (besides WoW) and get a better look at how much health you've got left? Look no further, friend; My Very Own Doomguy is the addon for you. When enabled, the Doomguy from the very first game - released way back in 1993 - will appear in the middle of your screen, and act just like he would in that game.


The addon works with both the Classic and Retail versions of WoW.




- Much like in the original game, the Doomguy's face will change depending on your own health; the less health you have, the more he begins to look like raw hamburger.
- Every five seconds, he will look either left, right, or straight ahead.

     - You can change how often he does this by accessing the configuration window.

- You can move Doomguy around your screen to position him wherever you like.

- Health and power text can be hidden, if you'd rather have Doomguy on his own.
- Runs in the background; no user input is required.



If you need support with this addon, or would like to request new features, please join my support Discord; click on the 'Issues' link at the top, or use invite code BGKnpza. Please note that the code is case sensitive; make sure you read the rules after joining the server!


Full credit for the sprites used goes to the fine folks at id Software. No copyright infringement is intended; this addon is released under Fair Use legislation, and no profit is made from it.