Kazotsky Kick

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I have created a Discord server which people can use to report issues they find with this addon: https://discord.gg/BGKnpza




Do you wish your dance moves came with added fun? Well, wish no longer; with this addon installed, any time you start dancing, you will hear a tune made popular by a certain first-person class based shooter.




  • Plays the Kazotsky Kick music ('Soldier of Dance') from Team Fortress 2 whenever you start dancing.
  • Now works for all races!
  • Also works with the Iron Boot Flask and Mesmerizing Fruit Hat.
  • Music stops playing when you start moving or go AFK.
    • If you're using the hat, the music will keep looping until you take it off.



If you have encountered a bug, or have a comment or suggestion, please let me know via the Discord server (link above).




All credit goes to Valve for making the music; it is included here under Fair Use legislation and no profit is made from it.


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