Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Feb 11, 2006

Owner: LeisureLarry


Since patch 1.6 updates of the original reputation mod (by Egris & Karmond) were really rare, therefore I decided to make a fork INDEPENDENT of cosmos or any other addons. But as it is not my own idea, all credits should go to the original authors.

Why are these mods still needed?

Blizzard shows numeric values, that's improvement, but only the gained numeric value for the main faction is shown. Both reputation addons show splash reputation, for all factions involved.

The biggest benefit of both reputation mods is that they will display the amount of reputation (in number form) you have left until you hit the next faction, as well as the number of repetitions required to reach it. Blizz Default UI does NOT do this.

What's the difference between both addons?

I've added a session reputation display in the reputation frame, which the original addon is missing.


To open the settings, use the chat command /myrep or /myreputation.


  • check frame selection 2 (combat log)

Version history

70300 R2

  • Fixed factionID errors

70300 R1

  • added support for filtering of bonus exp increases

70200 R2

  • support for paragon reputation

70200 R1

  • just a toc update

 70100 R1

  • just a toc update

 70000 R1

  • just a toc update

60000 R1

  • TOC update for 6.0.2 patch

50400 R1

  • TOC update for 5.4 patch

50200 R1 Beta2

  • OnEvent cleanup

50200 R1 Beta1

  • Fan-Update supporting Tillers and Bizmo's Brawlpub (Thanks Kharthus)

50001 R1 Beta2

  • bugfix _ (problem with the GlyphUI; thanks Kharthus)

50001 R1 Beta1

  • just a toc update

40300 R1 Beta1

  • just a toc update

40100 R1 Beta1

  • added column labels in the settings

40000 R1 Beta3

  • fixed super factions like Alliance Vanguard

40000 R1 Beta2

  • fixed session tracking for guild reputation
  • purged getglobal

40000 R1 Beta1

  • fixed this/self problem
  • fixed position of detail window

30300 R1 Beta3

  • fixed a bug in the setup gui
  • added all infos in the reputation detail window

30300 R1 Beta2

  • now using math.floor instead of round

30300 R1 Beta1

  • the addon is now using blizzards addons gui for the settings
  • the theme settings aren´t available any longer


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