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Since patch 1.6 updates of the original reputation mod (by Egris & Karmond) were really rare, therefore I decided to make a fork INDEPENDENT of cosmos or any other addons. But as it is not my own idea, all credits should go to the original authors.

Why are these mods still needed?

Blizzard shows numeric values, that's improvement, but only the gained numeric value for the main faction is shown. Both reputation addons show splash reputation, for all factions involved.

The biggest benefit of both reputation mods is that they will display the amount of reputation (in number form) you have left until you hit the next faction, as well as the number of repetitions required to reach it. Blizz Default UI does NOT do this.

What's the difference between both addons?

I've added a session reputation display in the reputation frame, which the original addon is missing.


To open the settings, use the chat command /myrep or /myreputation.