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Load and save songs in game for the Musician add-on.

WoW Classic MusicianList is also available for WoW Classic, be sure to install the right version of the add-on.

The song list is accessible from Musician main menu on the minimap or by clicking the list button in the main import window.

To save the current song to the list, press the Save button in the main import window or in the song editor.

Type /mus help to get the command list.

List available songs

/musician list

/musician songs

  • Click on the song name to load it.
  • Click on the play button ► to load it and play.

Save current song

/musician save [<song name>]

If omitted, the song name shown in the import field will be used.

Load song

/musician load (<song name>|<song number>)

Load and play song

/musician play (<song name>|<song number>)

Load and preview song

/musician preview (<song name>|<song number>)

Find a song

/musician find <song name>

/musician search <song name>

/musician filter <song name>

Delete song

/musician delete [(<song name>|<song number>)]

/musician del [(<song name>|<song number>)]

/musician remove [(<song name>|<song number>)]

If no song name or number is specified, the currently loaded song will be deleted.

Rename song

/musician rename [<song number> [<new name>]]

/musician ren [<song number> [<new name>]]

/musician mv [<song number> [<new name>]]

If no parameter is specified, the currently loaded song will be renamed.


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