MultiTargets allows players to create and maintain target lists, which are lists of names that can be used to quickly target using a key binding.

Units with raid markers in Elwynn Forest

This addon works similarly to a macro that targets a specific unit by name, using the /tar command, but with target lists, it will rotate through its names, so more than one target can be marked in sequence, with no need to players manually target each one or update the macro themselves.

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How this addon can be used

  • Farming: Players can create a target list with the names of the mobs they want to farm in a specific area.
  • Hunting rares: Players can create a target list with the names of the rares they want to hunt in a specific zone instead of manually upating the macro with the names of the current rare being hunted.
  • Questing: When players need to kill specific mobs for a quest, they can create a target list with the names of these mobs, so it's easier to target them, especially when the quest requires killing more than one type of enemy.
  • Raiding and in dungeons: Players can create a target list with the names of the mobs they need to focus on, like the ones that need to be interrupted or killed first, then a single key binding can be used to target them in sequence.

How to use this addon

A Defias being targetted

  • Install and enable the addon
  • Once you log in, the addon will load the default target list and it's ready to be used and populated with names
  • There are a couple of ways to add names to the target list:
    • Using the target frame button: Click on the target frame button to add the name of the current target to the target list
    • Using the chat command: Type /multitargets add followed by the name of the target to add it to the target list
    • Adding the current target with a command: When the target is selected, type /multitargets addt to add the name of the current target to the target list
  • There will be a macro called MultiTargetsMacro with arrows and an aim icon when you open the Macro dialog (/m). Just drag this macro to your action bar and associate a key binding to it if you want.
  • Now it's a matter of spamming the macro key binding and the addon will rotate the next targets in the list, marking it with a raid marker

Available commands

All command line options are available using the /multitargets command.

In the addon's first versions, most of its functionalities are available through the chat command. The addon will have a graphical interface in the future, but for now, the chat command is the best way to interact with it.

A print command example

These are the available commands:

  • /multitargets add {name}: Adds the given name to the target list, replacing {name} with any name and wrapping it with quotes if it has spaces
  • /multitargets addt: Adds the name of the player's current target to the target list
  • /multitargets clear: Clears the target list
  • /multitargets help: Shows the available commands
  • /multitargets hide: Hides the target list window
  • /multitargets print: Prints the names in the target list
  • /multitargets remove {name}: Removes the given name from the target list, replacing {name} with any name and wrapping it with quotes if it has spaces
  • /multitargets removet: Removes the name of the player's current target from the target list
  • /multitargets show: Shows the target list window

What's on the roadmap for the next versions

  • Toolbox in the targets window: A toolbox above the target list with buttons to add, remove, clear, and other actions
  • Multiple target lists: The ability to create and manage multiple target lists, so players can have different lists for different situations
  • Settings: Will allow customizing the addon's behavior, also with a graphical interface
  • Select available markers: The addon will allow players to select which markers are available for the target list and their order
  • Automatic macro moved to the action bar: The addon may try to move the macro to the action bar automatically if it's not there and the player has empty slots in the first initialization
  • Localization: The addon will be localized to support multiple languages


The addon has some limitations that players should be aware of, mostly due to the limitations of the World of Warcraft API and the way the addon was designed:

  • No in-combat support: The addon will not work in combat, as macros can't be updated while the player is in combat
  • PvP: The addon will not mark enemy players, as it's not possible to use raid markers on them
  • Interaction with other addons: The addon may not behave well with other addons that also change the target frame layout or behavior, but these incompatibilities may be addressed in future versions, especially when users report them

Known issues

This is a list of known issues that players may encounter when using the addon that are already being addressed and will be fixed in future versions:

  • Raid markers mismatch: When the player removes a name from the target list, the raid markers priorities are recalculated, but the addon won't be able to update the current marked enemies, so for a short amount of time, the raid markers may not match the target list.
  • Target window scrollbar and empty spaces: When a list has targets enough to enable the window scrollbar, once targets are removed, the scrollbar may not reflect the actual number of targets, and empty spaces may appear in the end of the window. That's not a blocker issue that prevents the addon from working, but it's a visual glitch that will be fixed in future versions.


2024.07.11 - version 1.4.1

  • Update TOC interface number for Classic Era

2024.07.04 - version 1.4.0

  • Add a tiny arrow to the target frame window to show what's the next unit in the target list to be targeted
  • Disable certain addon functionalities when the player enters combat, considering that macros can't be updated during combat and MultiTargets relies on them to rotate targets
  • Update Stormwind Library to version 1.7.0 + finish the namespace refactoring started in version 1.3.2

2024.06.20 - version 1.3.2

  • Update Stormwind Library to version 1.6.0
  • Update important structures to use improved library features, most precisely in the class inheritance system

2024.05.28 - version 1.3.1

  • The target frame button now has a better, less intrusive visual representation

2024.05.23 - version 1.3.0

  • Add an empty target list message with instructions on how to add names and set up the addon - useful especially for new players
  • Open the target window when new names are added to the target list

2024.05.08 - version 1.2.0

  • Improvements to the addon first initialization, by adding the macro even with an empty target list
  • Fix an annoying case where players remove the last target from the list but the macro would still try to target the last name, considering that it wasn't updated for empty lists

2024.05.07 - version 1.1.1

  • Add multiple TOC files to support Classic Era, Classic Cataclysm, and Retail
  • Addon settings are now saved per character, which means target lists are not shared between characters anymore
  • Fix a bug that was parsing commands with mixed quotes incorrectly, like /multitargets add "Vilnak'dor"

2024.04.27 - version 1.1.0

  • A new frame to manage the target list with the current target names, their associated raid markers and remove buttons

2024.04.25 - version 1.0.1

  • Broadcast the target list refresh event so integrated addons can run their own actions when the target list is updated
  • Fix a bug where the target frame button was not being updated after adding or removing targets via chat commands

2024.04.10 - version 1.0.0

  • Fix a bug where dead units were being targetted
  • Fix a bug where units got their marks removed during target rotation
  • Friendly chat output messages for all addon commands

2024.03.29 - version 0.0.1-alpha

  • First addon version with:
    • Target list management with chat commands
    • Target frame button to add and remove the current target to the list
    • Automatic macro creation with the target list names
    • Target rotation system
    • Automatic raid markers on targets