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(previously known as MountRndCat)

This is a tiny addon that let you define custom categories and then random summon a mount from them.

To use the addon you FIRST need to rename the file categories-sample.lua to categories.lua in the addon directory and edit it with the names of your favorite mounts.

If you modify the categories.lua file while the game client is active you have to reload the game interface with command:




Create a macro like this to summon your mounts:


/gmm [btn:2] flying ; [btn:3] repair ; [swimming] ground ; [mod:shift] funny ; [mod:alt] favorites!; all!

or simply use the command from the cli, i.e.:


/gmm - This help
/gmm category - Summon a random mount from your 'category' list
/gmm favorites! - Summon a random mount from your favorite list
/gmm all! - Summon a random mount

The categories are shared on all characters on the same account.

Here is a categories.lua suitable for alliance players (english client):

gmMounts_tbl = {

flying = {
"Swift Green Gryphon",
"Swift Blue Gryphon",
"Swift Red Gryphon",

ground = {
"Swift Mistsaber",
"Swift Moonsaber",

repair = {
"Traveler's Tundra Mammoth",
"Grand Expedition Yak",

funny = {
"Azure Water Strider",
"Sea Turtle",


combo = {
"Sandstone Drake",
"Mekgineer's Chopper",

- add your custom categories here

N.B. Please remember to backup your custom categories.lua before updating.

I also whish to thanks SDPhantom and Phanx for their help, code and suggestions that help me so much in understanding and writing my first addon

If you have anything to ask / comment / request please use: