Last Updated: Jul 22, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Jun 17, 2011

Owner: Quil

A broker addon that will allow you to create a list of favorite mounts and easily summon them.

Right clicking opens a window listing all known mounts and allows configuration (may also use /mq command). You can select which mounts should show on your favorites list. A menu will open when hovering over the broker, listing your favorite mounts. Clicking one will summon it. Left clicking the broker will summon a random mount from your favorites list. Shift clicking will dismount, control clicking will summon your marked favorite mount. Keybinds are available for all these actions.

A minimap button is created in case no broker is available, which can be toggled off in options.

When viewing the mount list, you can sort alphabetically or by category. Sorting by mount types will list various categories, and subcategories under those. Subcategories will only show if you have at least 3 mounts in that selection. The same mount can show up under multiple selections. Example, the Headless Horseman is both Seasonal and found under Horses.

Ground mounts and flying mounts are toggled separately, and which mounts show in your MountQ list will depend on whether you're in a flying zone with the correct skill, in a ground only zone, etc. The single keybind will mount the appropriate mount depending on your location. Underwater is supported too, including the seahorse and turtle mounts.

Druid and Worgen forms are also supported, you may add Flight Form or Swift Flight Form to your flying list and Running Wild to your ground list if available. Some intelligence has been added so that if you're a druid and free falling in the air, push your mount hotkey and Flight Form will be picked regardless of how many mounts are on the list, saving you from a long fall!


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