Last Updated: Mar 6, 2015 Game Version: 6.1.0


Nov 30, 2010

Owner: Quil

A broker addon that will allow you to create a list of favorite companions (minipets) and easily summon them.

New in 2.3: Tracking for wild pets is now available! Under the various sort methods, choose Wild Locations. It will now list all the zones by continent, and the wild pets you own and don't own from each zone. Quickly see which pets you still need to collect. Great for helping track your growing collecting and what you still need to find, and where! You can also shift click on any pet to open the pet journal straight to that companion. You can also now list all your duplicate pets, and filter out ones you don't want to see. Making it even easier to clean up your pet journal.

Right clicking opens a window listing all known companions. You can select which companions should show on your favorites list. A menu will open when hovering over the broker, listing your favorite companions. Clicking one will summon it. Left clicking the broker will summon a random pet from your favorites list. This can also be keybound.

Pets can be sorted alphabetically, by species, or by their source (TCG, Quest, etc)

Shift left clicking will dismiss the current pet.

The minimap button can be toggled off in options. This allows anyone to use Broker_MiniPetQ without a broker bar.

You can select a single 'favorite' pet. Control click a pet from the pet selection window to set a favorite. Control clicking the addon will then summon the favorite pet (shift click still dismisses pets, and click pick a random pet.

There are keybindings for dismissing, summoning random or summoning the 'favorite' pet.

/mpq command is also available, to open the config window.


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