Mount Journal Enhanced

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Nov 4, 2014

Owner: eXochron


Mount Journal Enhanced extends the default Mount Journal.


  • Saves filter options
  • Filter mounts by extended source filter
  • Filter mounts by faction
  • Filter mounts by type
  • Filter mounts by family
  • Filter mounts by expansion
  • Filter unusable mounts
  • Hide unwanted mounts
  • Double click list entry to summon mount
  • Compact mount list
  • Displays the number of character specific mounts
  • Displays mount related achievement points
  • Freely rotate display camera around mount
  • Trigger /mountspecial in display
  • Browse through mounts with Up/Down arrow keys
  • Preview mounts with ctrl+click on related items
  • Favor all filtered mounts at once or unset them all.
  • Save favorites per character.

Have you found any bug or do you have some suggestions? Please let me know in the issue tracker.
Also, you can help me to localize the addon into your language.


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