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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.0


Jan 18, 2015

Owner: eXochron


Favorite Contacts is a simple addon that adds buttons to mailbox for easy access to your favorite contacts. If a favorite contact button gets clicked, the recipient of the new mail is set to the favorite contact name.

To add a new contact to your favorite list, double click a free slot or create a new one from context menu. The favorite contact contains the contact name and a user specified icon. To delete an existing favorite contact, drag it to a free space. You can delete or change existing contacts also via the context menu. It's possible to change the position of a favorite contact with drag and drop.

ClickToSend Mode: The ClickToSend mode is optional and disabled by default. If this mode is enabled, a click on the contact will send the current mail, if possible. This mode can be enabled or disabled with the slash command '/fc clicktosend [on|off]'.


Slash Commands

  • /fc size <column count> <rows count> - sets the grid size
  • /fc position (TOP | LEFT | BOTTOM | RIGHT) - changes buttons position relative to mailbox
  • /fc scale <button scale factor> - sets the scale factor for buttons to <button scale factor> (default value is 1.0)
  • /fc contact <index> <contact name> [<icon>] - changes the favorite contact on position <index>
  • /fc contact <index> - deletes the favorite contact on position <index>
  • /fc note <index> [<note>] - sets or removes a note for contact on position <index>
  • /fc settingsscope [character|realm|global] - sets the settings scope to character, realm or global
  • /fc clicktosend [on|off] - enables or disables the ClickToSend mode

Have you found any bug or do you have some suggestions? Please let me know on curseforge. Also, you can help me to localize it into your language.


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