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71,651 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 23, 2014 Game Version: 6.0.2

The first version/section of the new Monk Helper is now available! The options menu isn't organized properly yet so please don't post about making things easier to find. My main concern for now is to continue programming the rest of the new and improved Monk Helper and fixing a few glitches/lua errors that you may post along the way. This version of Monk Helper is considered a beta, so glitches are to be expected(even though I try to keep them to a minimum).

Known Glitches & Recent Fixes:

  • Emergency fix on the options menu. People who had older versions of the beta could have encountered a glitch that would break the addon. I have added code to remove this glitch(was caused by an old default options value). Also fixed a glitch that would cause certain options to keep resetting.
  • Sound effects aren't working, but this has been confirmed be a glitch on blizzards end. So it should magically start working in a future hotfix.
  • Paralysis monitor should now be functioning properly again.

Added Features So Far:

  • Timers - Various timers for buffs/procs, cooldowns, durations and counters for each specs brew type. Many timers that were in the previous Monk Helper have been removed, either because they will no longer be in the game, or because they don't need to be there. I've kept only key cooldowns for each spec that don't have a long cooldown time and key buffs to watch for in pve or pvp. Suggestions for more timers are welcome but I'd prefer it if you wait until the addon is officially complete. Also, there are a few timers that I plan on adding to the next beta version.
  • Paralysis Monitor - A very accurate monitor for tracking paralysis on your paralyzed target. It can tell you when it expires, when it breaks, who breaks it and with what ability. There are many options to this monitor to suit your needs.
  • Profiles - New to Monk Helper is a whole new options menu (separate from blizzards menus) that comes equipped with a profile system. You can create as many profiles as you want with whatever names you wish. These profiles save all of your options(of course), but they also save every single frames position.
  • Resource Bar - An alternate mana/energy bar with many customizable options. It also shows how much mana your current spell cast will consume as a shaded portion of your mana bar. You can place markers at certain percentages, add a custom sound notification when you fall below a specified mana percent, etc. If you used my addon Mage Candy before, the mana bar is pretty much identical.
  • Chi Bar - Similar to the older chi bar from monk helper, but it has the option to show/hide the default chi bar background. The options for this feature are located in the resource bar tab as well.
  • Stagger Tracker - Same as the stagger tracker from the old monk helper. Displays the amount staggered as a number/percent or both, along with an icon resembling the stagger type.
  • Sound Notifications - Play sounds for things like touch of death executions, combo breaker procs and full stacks of vital mists.
  • Health Bar Stagger - Added an option in the resource bar tab to show the staggered amount on the health bar. This is displayed as a white shade on the health bar.
  • Touch of Death Notification - Displays a visual notification when you are able to cast touch of death on your target. This notification accounts for your current chi to cast it, as well as the spells cooldown.
  • Detox Tracker - A frame that displays class icons for every person in your group. If someone in your group can benefit from your detox spell, their corresponding icon will start glowing and all you have to do is click the icon to detox that person.
  • ... to be continued

Please post any lua errors you may encounter (no duplicates please if you can help it) so that I may fix them in my spare time.

Donations are greatly appreciated, but not needed =)


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