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Tired of having to search for set items one-by-one just because you are missing an unimportant piece? This small addon will let you see incomplete sets in the transmogrification dialog and more!


This addon adds a new "Filter" button to the top-right of the transmogrification window (when on the "Sets" tab).

The following options are available:

  • show extra sets - show additional sets that are normally hidden (lookalike sets for other classes etc.)
  • only favorite sets - show only sets that you have favorited
  • only favorite variants - also show variants of favorite sets (if only favorite sets is on)
  • use hidden item if missing - when applying a set, use a hidden item for all missing slots
  • max missing pieces - maximum number of missing pieces for a set to show up in the list
  • equipment slots - set options for specific slots
  • ignored - if enabled, the slot will not count towards max missing pieces
  • hidden - if enabled, the slot will always be set to a hidden item (and also not count towards max missing pieces)