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This small addon will help you combat spam in the LFG tool.


  • quick reporting (a report button appears when hovering a group)
  • blacklisting (reporting a group also blacklists the player)
  • filtering based on group age (many spam groups stay up for a long time) or filled out voice chat (spam groups put links in there)

Please note that this filtering is not 100%. It should improve over time as you build your blacklist by reporting.

You should also disable voice-chat filtering if you tend to join groups based on that (see commands below).


  • /lsf - list available commands
  • /lsf info - show filter configuration and stats
  • /lsf toggle [on|off] - enable or disable filtering
  • /lsf report on|off - enable or disable spam reporting
  • /lsf blacklist on|off - enable or disable blacklist-based filtering
  • /lsf max-age hours - filter groups older than this (0 to disable)
  • /lsf no-voice on|off - filter groups with voice info
  • /lsf button on|off - enable or disable the quick-report button
  • /lsf unban [player] - remove the given (or last reported) player from the blacklist
  • /lsf clear-blacklist - clear the blacklist
  • /lsf factory-reset - reset all options and data
  • /lsf splash on|off - enable or disable the chat notification

Alternative slash commands: /lfgsf, /lfgspamfilter


Default settings

By default, this addon filters out groups older than 4 hours or with voice chat filled in. Reported players are blacklisted. This is a good default that catches many spam groups, but you might want to customize it using the commands above depending on the content you're doing.

Why not just filter by group name etc.?

The actual contents of the group name, description and voice are not readable by addons.


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