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Misdirector, Abbreviated to MDR is a simple addon that provides a quick flyout menu for selecting who in your raid you want to target for MD, and MDR will magically create a macro for you that you just need to drag to your action bar and click.

MDR will not work in combat due to Blizzard restrictions on macro creation in combat.


Simply log onto a hunter, mouse over the minimap icon and select your information.

Main: Will select the main tank in your group.

Off: Will select the off tank in your group - Off tank will only be filled provided you are in a raid.

Other: Will provide a popup asking for a players name

Target: Quite self explanatory

Focus: Quite self explanatory

Pet: Quite self explanatory

Simple as pi. (3.14)


MDR was developed from an original addon TOTT which does the same thing but for tricks of the trade.


Future depends on the people.

Main plans include:

  • None

All donations appreciated and go towards bettering myself.

cheers jf