MemoryKiller is your must-have WoW addon for keeping your gameplay smooth and lag-free by managing your addon memory like a pro. With its gamer-friendly interface, MemoryKiller lets you see in real-time which addons are hogging your memory. A quick click lets you slash memory waste, potentially boosting your FPS and keeping those raids smooth.


Leveled-Up Features:

  • Real-Time Addon Memory Meter: Spot the memory gluttons at a glance. Know which addons are eating up your FPS and manage them like a boss.
  • Insta-Cleanse Memory Button: Hit the "Collect Garbage" button to free up memory on the fly—say goodbye to lag spikes in the middle of boss fights.
  • Refresh for the Latest Intel: With a "Refresh" button, you're always in the loop on memory usage after tweaking your addon arsenal.
  • Your UI, Your Rules: Customize MemoryKiller's window to fit your UI setup like a glove, ensuring it doesn't cramp your style or your screen.
  • Tooltip Intelligence Briefings: Hover for handy tooltips that break down what each feature does, so you're always in command of your memory management.
  • Cross-Expansion Operative: Works with all WoW versions, making it a timeless tool in your gaming toolkit.
  • New in the Squad: Broker Support & MiniMap Button: Quick access to MemoryKiller's functions with a sleek MiniMap button and Broker compatibility for a streamlined UI experience.

How to use MemoryKiller:

Jump into action by typing /mk in chat and hitting enter. MemoryKiller pops up, ready for duty.



Think of your computer's memory as your loot bag at BlizzCon, gradually filling up with swag. But there's only so much space, and without regular clean-outs, you're gonna miss out on the epic loot. Lua's garbage collector is like having a loot-savvy sidekick who knows exactly when you're over an item and discreetly tosses it to keep your bag ready for more epic drops.

This assistant is silently working the background, ensuring your loot bag (aka computer memory) is always ready for more, keeping your gameplay smooth while you're diving into new dungeons or taking down the next world boss.