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The MUST-HAVE addon for calling INC's in Battlegrounds, Rated BG's, Brawls, And Rated Brawls, (soon to be SRBG's)







I have removed the code that will make the GUI appear upon login, and on a /reload. It will appear once you go into a BG match, and will disappear when you leave. 

If needs be the minimap button will enable it outside of a BG to where you can adjust setting and what not. I was getting some suggestions to remove the auto 

GUI when you login, so now that is gone.



You may also use /inc slash command to pull up the GUI as well.


I will make another video when I have time.


I plan to add more messages for the buttons 1-4 and Zerg in the future. 


IncCallout now works in ALL BG's.


Also added in /incmsg. Its a message you can use in Instance chat to tell folks about the addon (if you want to):

"Peeps, yall need to get the addon Incoming-BG. It has a GUI to where all you have to do is click a button to call an INC. Beats having to type anything out. Just sayin'"




* Have even been in a situation in a BG or Epic BG to where you don't have time to type out that there is an INC at your location/flag? Stopping to type out your message for your group will take away from you defending the flag. 


* Playing any type of PVP is usually fast paced and there isn't room for mistakes. Taking time to type things out takes too much time to do. Well this addon will make it to where you do NOT have to type anything to call out an INC. All you have to do is click on the appropriate button to call out the INC for you. 


Here is some info on the GUI: There is only one GUI. There is no need to configure anything, unless you want to choose different messages besides the default ones. You don't have to configure what battleground you are in, my addon does that for you based on your location. My addon will call an INC or whatever message you want based on where you are in the battleground. There is nothing that you as a player has to do with configuration. All you gotta do is click the appropriate button in whatever situation you are in. Rather it's a INC, All Clear, Zerg, or whatever, all you gotta do is click a button..... 



You have the options to change the message for chat for calling an INC. You have the option to change the button colors, you can change the button font color, you can change the font, you can change the font size, and you can change the background Opacity.


*MiniMap Button:

MiniMap button has a couple of functions. You can move it anywhere on the MiniMap. Left Click will toggle the IncCallout GUI, (you can still use /inc if you want). Right Click will toggle Message options.


* Examples of Buttons:  SEE IMAGES


If you use the buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, and Zerg 

Button 1: 1 Incoming fast at (your location)

Button 2: 2 Incoming fast at (your location)

Button 3: 3 Incoming fast at (your location)

Button 4: 4 Incoming fast at (your location)

Zerg: Zerg Incoming fast at (your location)




The other buttons INC, Send More, and All Clear have default messages chosen. 


For the INC button here are the messages you can chose from:

"Gotta INC",
"Incoming enemy forces",
"Incoming threat",
"Enemy push incoming",
"Enemy blitz incoming",
"Enemy strike team inbound",
"Incoming attack alert",
"Enemy wave inbound",
"Enemy squad closing in",
"Anticipate enemy push",
"Enemy forces are closing in",

-- Add more custom messages if needed...


For the Send More button here are the messages you can chose from:

"We need more peeps",
"Need help",
"We are outnumbered",
"Need a few more",
"Need more",
"Backup required",
"We could use some help",
"Calling for backup",
"Could use some backup",
"Reinforcements needed",
"In need of additional support",
"Calling all hands on deck",
"Require extra manpower",
"Assistance urgently needed",
"Requesting more participants",
-- Add more custom messages if needed...


For the All Clear button here are the messages you can chose from:

"We are all clear",
"All clear",
"Looks like a ghost town",
"All good",
"Looking good",
"Area secure",
"All quiet on the front",
"Situation is under control",
"All quiet here",
"We are looking good",
"Perimeter is secured",
"Situation is calm",
"No threats detected",
"All quiet on this end",
"Area is threat-free",
-- Add more custom messages if needed...










If any one has any issues please use the GitHub "Issues" and post the problem. And if anyone has any ideas for more features or whatever just post those here.