MAMA (Minimal yet Awesome Multiboxing Assistant)

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About M.A.M.A. Multiboxing

MAMA is an opensource MultiBoxing (dual-boxing) addon with the following design goals:

  • Opensource license (so if the current author gets hit by a bus, anyone else can pick it up and/or make improvements)
  • High quality code
  • Minimal dependencies
  • Low footprint (both memory and cpu and addon chatter)
  • Works with a single code base on both Wow Classic and regular (Shadowlands as of this writing)
  • Complies and works without dependencies on banned input broadcasting software (ie makes dynamicboxer work without isboxer)

M.A.M.A. stands for MooreaTv's/minimal yet Awesome Multiboxing Assistant in reverence to grandfather of all (good) multi-boxing addons: Jamba (Jafula's Awesome MultiBoxing Assistant), which also inspired the EMA name.

We recommend you use Wow Open Box the only open source, blizzard compliant MultiBoxing software.

What does it do ?

Right now M.A.M.A relies on my DynamicBoxer for most of the functionality (invite/disband/EMA sync...)

  • It does allow to use DynamicBoxer without banned ISBoxer. (fast in order invite/disband, EMA sync etc...)
  • Let's you have a slash command /mama f or keybinding for "follow me" (works out of party too) and to stop follow as well (/mama f stop)
  • Let's you have a slash command /mama l or keybinding for "make me group leader"
  • /mama a and keybinding to do both leader change and follow me in 1 efficient addon comm command.
  • add /click MamaAssist in front of your macro to assist whoever you are leading with
  • /mama mount and /mama mount dismount and keybindings to mount/dismount the whole team (on classic only dismounting works)
  • Option to set EMA master when changing leader (but /click MamaAssist is faster and more reliable)

Input on feature prioritization is most welcome!

In the future Mama might ensure your multiboxing or dual boxing team can:

  • Invite your team including automatically convert to raid as needed (for more than 5 characters)
  • Fly to the same place
  • Accept/be on the same quests

And some convenience like - Auto vendor/repair - And more features per your request(s) !

Mama works well in conjunction with DynamicBoxer, EMA and WowOpenBox but also with other multiboxing software or hardware


One time setup: /mama s 1 in window 1, /mama s 2 in window 2, /mama s 3 in window 3 etc... then copy the token from dynamicboxer window 1 and paste in the other windows

Set in game keybind for "mama alltogether" so you can trigger both follow me and make leader in 1 key/addon message. (and the other commands too)

Add /click MamaAssist in front of your macro to assist whoever you are leading with.

More info


Get the binary release using curse/twitch/overwolf client

The source of the addon resides on (and the MoLib library at

Releases detail/changes are on


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