Auction House DataBase aka AHDB

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This Open Source addon (AHDB for short) is mostly to capture the evolution of the WoW classic economy from empty to mature


We have a unique chance to record that history and that's what this addon attempts to accomplish


As you might know the Blizzard APIs to query the AH from the web (like The Undermine Journal does for instance) won't exist at launch and for some undetermined time after launch, so let's together create and maintain that DataBase.  (DB uploader in the works)


What does it do?


To my knowledge, AHDB is the fastest full AH scanner available!


Fully up to date for wow classic but not yet for ShadowLands


 Scan progress and result


If you configured it to do so, each time you open the auction house (if available and unless you hold shift or cancel the scan), AHDB will take a full snapshot of your auction house and record it in your saved variables under the realm, faction and timestamp


You can later query that DB even when not at the AH

Scan results information for an item


ps: AHDB is unrelated to the TSM internal module AuctionDB. But TSM can now use AHDB as a pricing source!

pps: this initial version relies on my Better Vendor Price addon to display the data out in its tooltip to avoid duplicating tooltip code


 The data can be processed using https://github.com/mooreatv/AHDBapp