LunaEclipse: Rotation Helper

97,569 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

LunaEclipse Rotation Helper

LunaEclipse: Rotation Helper Discord Server Pledge support now on Patreon! Make a donation now on Paypal! Rotations designed for World of Warcraft 8.0.1 patch. Rotation completion status is at 100%.

Update:  I have been releasing 8.1.5 and 8.2 preview versions on Discord available to all members of Discord.  I will not be updating this site until all rotations are ready.  If you want to use updated rotations, please be sure to join Discord and download the preview versions.

This addon processes rotations only, by itself it has no interface to display suggestions, If you want to display the suggestions, you either MUST have WeakAuras 2 installed or use the SpellFlash plugin provided with the addon.

When you start World of Warcraft with both WeakAuras 2 and the WeakAuras plugin enabled the addon will generate any necessary auras based on your selection.


If anyone wishes to doubt the ability of the addon to perform at a high level, he is a copy of my Warcraft Logs statistics for my main character.  The images section also has a screenshot of the detailed report.


If you wish to ask questions, report bugs, or suggest new features or tweaks to rotations please visit the addon's Discord Server.

The Discord Server will prune members that have been inactive for over 7 days to keep numbers managable, however you can simply rejoin at any time using the link.

Please make sure you read the FAQ before asking a question in Discord as your question may already have been answered, also check the #known-issues channel in Discord in addition to the FAQ before posting a bug report.

There are too many features to list here, including the optional plugins, so if you want to know more about what exactly the addon can do, or have a chat with other users, feel free to visit Discord.

Because some people don't know what features are available, and how to use them, once I have finished adding the rest of the DPS rotations, I will try to create pages here on Curse to explain the various features available through the addon settings and how to use them.

Patron / Paypal

You can support addon development by becoming a Patron or by donating at Any Patron membership will give you upgraded status in Discord for early download previews of new features and rotation changes.

Patron pledges are a smaller amount but they are a recurring monthly payment which can be cancelled at any time.  Cancelling the patron pledge will remove access to the early downloads from Discord.

While it's still possible to offer a one time donation via PayPal, these donations will not longer provide early access to the addon and rotation updates, this early access is restricted to Patron's only!


All rotations included in the addon are based off SimCraft profiles however they contain various tweaks or changes to make them more suited to a human player rather than a computer running a simulation.

Classes Supported

  • Death Knight - Frost and Unholy written by LunaEclipse.
  • Demon Hunter - Havoc and Vengeance written by LunaEclipse. (Vengeance is not a tanking rotation, it is a basic damage rotation only, it will not suggest Defensives for dealing with mechanics etc...)
  • Druid - Balance and Feral written by LunaEclipse.
  • Hunter - Beast Mastery and Survival written by LunaEclipse, Marksmanship written by HuntsTheWind.
  • Mage - Arcane, Fire and Frost written by LunaEclipse.
  • Monk - Windwalker written by HuntsTheWind.
  • Paladin - Retribution written by LunaEclipse.
  • Priest - Shadow written by LunaEclipse.
  • Rogue - Asassination, Outlaw and Subtlety written by LunaEclipse.
  • Shaman - Elemental written by LunaEclipse, Enhancement written by HuntsTheWind.
  • Warlock - Affliction, Demonology and Destruction written by LunaEclipse.
  • Warrior - Arms and Fury written by LunaEclipse.

Special Notes

There is a major rework of the addon in progress with the hope to further optimize processing and reduce impact on FPS.  This means the next version could take longer than normal for release.

Currently the movement check option is disabled, you can still adjust the settings in the options however this will have no effect on the rotations.  This will be re-enabled as soon as I can find the time to update the data needed.

Please do not send me Private Messages on Curse as I do not visit the site except for when I am uploading a new version, so your messages will not be answered!