Last Updated: Sep 3, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Jan 12, 2007

Owner: Tuller


Ludwig is an ingame item database addon. What makes it different from similar addons? Well, mainly it:

  • Includes all existing items right from the start
  • Searches trough more than 80 thousand items in a blink
  • Allows you to easly type any item [[link] into the chat
  • Mostly Load on Demand


  • /lw or /ludwig - Brings up the search frame
  • /lw <name> - Prints out a list in the chat window of the top 10 items matching <name>

Linking Items

Simply type two brackets followed by the item name and a closing bracket in the end (ex: [[Staff]). Ludwig will automatically convert it into the item link, and make suggestions as you type the name. Handy, isn't it?


  • This version only works on English clients!
  • Source code for Ludwig can be found on GitHub.


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