ls: Prospector

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5


Feb 26, 2017

Owner: _lightspark_

Gem weaving helper. Inspired by GCH.



  • Swaps leystone ore for felsate if a gem chip of selected colour drops;
  • To avoid any felslate loss, the addon WILL NOT allow you to use its prospecting macro again until it decides which ore to use, and loot window is closed;
  • Shows info on future gem colour and amount of ore in your bags.


  • Install it;
  • Use /LSPROSPECT or /LSP command to open UI;
  • Select gem colours you're interested in;
  • Start clicking "Prospecting" button or click "[W]" button (it's above "Prospecting" button) to create and pick up a macro, place this macro on your action bar, start spamming it.

Note #1: Macro will work only if addon's UI is visible.

Note #2: In general, you DO NOT need to click "Swap Ore" button, it's there for emergency cases. For instance, if you forgot to select needed gem colour, but then saw a chip of said colour drop, you'd need to select that gem colour, click "Swap Ore" button, and then continue spamming either "Prospecting" button or addon's macro.

Feedback and Feature Requests

If you found a bug or want to share an idea on how to improve my addon, either report to Issue Tracker on my GitHub page, or post a comment on WoWInterfrace or Curse.


Feel free to add and/or review translations on CurseForge, alternatively, you may create a PR on project's GitHub page.


Please see LICENSE file.


Credits go to LuaKTT, the author of Gem Chip Helper.


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