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Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Aug 9, 2016

Owner: _lightspark_

Replacement for default alert system. Better toasts, cheers!



  • One design for all toasts;
  • DND mode. You can enable DND mode for different toast groups. Toasts in DND mode won't be displayed in combat, but will be queued up in the system. Once you leave combat, they'll start popping up;
  • In-game config. Use /LSTOASTS or /LST command to open config panel. From there you can disable sounds, move alert frames, etc.


  • Install it;
  • (Optional) Configure it;
  • Done.

How to Mod

If you're a UI developer, you may want to reskin my toasts. For info on how to do so, please see this page.

Feedback and Feature Requests

If you found a bug or want to share an idea on how to improve my addon, either report to Issue Tracker on my GitHub page, or post a comment on WoWInterfrace or Curse.


Feel free to add and/or review translations on CurseForge, alternatively, you may create a PR on project's GitHub page.


Q: Will you add group/master loot roll frames to your addon?

A: Maybe later, I'm not sure yet.


Please see LICENSE file.


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