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Patch 8.3 update.


Patch 8.2.5 update.


Patch 8.2 update.


Patch 8.1 update.


Fix for channel filters.


Patch 8.0 update.

Some minor fixes.


Support for Patch 8.0.

Cross RP support.


More fixes.


Fixes for latest patch.


Fixed player menu in larger raids.

Fixed bug which was causing errors in german clients.

Added option for locked frames to not show their title bars.

Added colors to raid target matches. e.g. {blue} for square.


Bugfix for the additional filters menus.

Fixing them as I find them! If you bump into anything, please report it.


Bugfix for minimap clicking. Oops!

Updated help tips.


Fixed frames hiding during combat.

Option to hide the close buttons.

Reworked the minimap menu.

Snooper title bar doesn't hide with lock anymore. Consistency and I feel it works better like that.

Option for snooper to only show when targeting. (requested by Sarah Baker).

Frame settings are merged with the main settings, so you can access them there too.


Changes in how the mouse is handled, and more options for that.

Option to not automatically clear the readmark. So you can post freely without losing where you last read messages.

More flexible notification options, e.g. having taskbar flashing only without a beep.

Custom sounds too, so you can use your favorite sounds from other addons for message beeps and such.

More quality of life changes are on the way.


Fixed bug with guild loot announcement format.

Fixed bugs with copying links.

Keywords fixes.

Chat commands fixed.

More changes are on the way.


Fixed bug in Snooper where message history would be cut short.

Snooper should cut off the name in emotes starting with special characters.


This is just some tweaks for version 2.0 to help make things feel more intuitive.

Listener Windows are easier to drag. Before they were a bit of a pain, and when you dragged the Snooper window it could potentially get stuck on your mouse.

Help notes have been reset, to remind you of what you need to know when you first load.

Some other minor things have been moved around.

More tooltips have been added.

The "eye" button hides itself if you aren't using filters for a window.


Major updates! Please report any issues using the Issue Tracker on the CurseForge page!

Optimizations. Lots of little things so that it might use less memory and be easier on your computer!

Redid interface. More intuitive, less cryptic.

Better cross-realm support. Mainly support for linked realms.

Ability to create new instances. Right click the upper left corner of the windows for options.

Better customization. Configuation can be accessed by right clicking the minimap button.

Custom channel support, to better facilitate RP that's done in channels.

Support for other chat channels as well, such as guild/officer. More flexibility in that regard, especially so you can see your communicator in the main window.

Removed hiding player name feature. Sorry, this was an obscure, early feature that was only meant to be a workaround.

Removed message highlighting in favor of a single red line. So modern...

Added tabs to the left hand side to mark things. Player text coloring has been removed to favor this (a green tab).

Mouseover highlighting has been turned into mouseover/target highlighting, and instead uses a red tab.

You can now click on messages to mark them, with a yellow tab. This is mainly meant for DMs to better manage which messages they have acknowledged.

Lightened old timestamps in snooper, so you can see them better.

Raid group filters. For example, you can create a window to only listen to groups 3 and 4, who are off exploring a separate trail!~

Removed custom chat colors in preference to default chat colors. If you liked it the other way, sorry!

Name shortener is now toggleable in the options.

URL detector. So you can click on links to copy them.

Keywords feature, to highlight specific things and notify you when they appear, such as your name.

The snooper has been redone to be more like an actual Listener window, and you can give it a load of customization.

DM Tags to help manage messages as a dungeon master. Gist of it is that it adds time labels (colored by priority/oldest) to your unit frames which you can double click after you've acknowledge/responded to someone's message.

Added a feature for copying text from the window. Sometimes you want to share your sweet suicide emotes with friends.


Compatibility update.

Minor fixes.


Patch 7.3 compatiblity.


Raid target substitution.


Fixed a bug with snooper not updating immediately.


Bugfix: Fixed bug reported by iodinesky regarding chat filters.

Bugfix: Snooper window better supports color codes.

Bugfix: Removed debug roll message.

Bugfix: Fixed /roll bypassing conditions to make a notification.

Enhancement: Shortened timestamp format by removing brackets.

Optimization: Some snooper window optimizations.


Bugfix: Fix option to toggle target emotes beeps. (and added separate option)

Bugfix: Targeting yourself no longer causes a beep.


Patch 7.2.5 support.

Added tracking for player rolls.