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Listener is designed for roleplayers. It makes it easy to keep track of each player's chat messages when there is a lot going on, to help you in a crowded setting, or if you're hosting a scenario for a lot of people.

Cool Features

  • Listener chat windows can filter messages from players, so you can show only who you want in a crowded environment.
  • Listener adds the "Snooper", which shows emotes only from the person that you're mousing over. You'll never again need to search back through your chat history for them or ask, "Did I miss your emote?"
  • Listener provides notifications when someone uses a character emote that's targeted at you. (e.g. /wave)


For beginners, it's recommended to just start by using the Snooper display only. Exit the main chatbox by clicking the X. Click the minimap icon to configure things. You can also right-click the title of Listener windows to configure them.

The Snooper works by showing you a chat log of who you mouse over. It essentially alleviates the need to scroll through your chat history to try and spot if you had missed something from someone.

By default, Listener will make a sound when your target emotes, and if you're tabbed out, it'll flash the task bar icon – useful when someone is taking a while to type (or they're eating a burrito) and you'd rather be watching Youtube instead of the chat box.

See the project Pages if you need more help.

Please use the Issue Tracker on the project page to post bugs or requests.

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