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Emote Splitter removes the character limit from your chatbox and lets you paste or type as much text as you want. It's designed for roleplayers who like to type a lot, but is totally useful for other everyday use if you just want to send a long message. Normally you can only send chat messages up to 255 characters long. Any message that exceeds this limit is split up into multiple pieces and sent one by one.


Message Verification. Unlike traditional chat-splitting addons, Emote Splitter is MUCH more robust. It queues messages one at a time and verifies that all are sent, so that you don't lose any to the server's chat throttler. This is especially designed for roleplayers who may post a lot of text in /say and /em. Go ahead and paste the whole Bee Movie script and watch it work (but you will likely get a silence penalty).

Battle.net support. Emote Splitter supports Battle.net whispers fully, and even corrects an error that may cause messages appear out-of-order. Simply having Emote Splitter installed will cause any Battle.net whisper addons to function properly in regard to message ordering.

Communities support. Extends the community window's chatbox too.

Message split marks. Ability to automatically add marks where your message was split.

Undo / Emote Saving. Adds Ctrl-Z for easy undo or saving your text if you delete them accidentally. This also saves the text you're typing if your internet poops out!

Lightweight. Near-zero impact on your game's performance.

Additional Information

This addon is compatible with most other addons. If you run into any problems, please create an issue. I usually fix serious problems within 24 hours.

If you're RPing and see someone's emote get cut off by the server, recommend Emote Splitter™!

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